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Apple - self checkout accused of shoplifting

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Hi there,


I've had the most embarrassing experience yesterday in an Apple store. I've been shopping there for years and this has never happened before. I've done a self checkout while purchasing an item and walked out of the store. But at the time I didn't notice that the payment didn't go through. 

As soon as I've stepped out of the store two guys approached me to say that they need to check my receipt. I went to the Apple app and went to show it to them when I realized that the payment didn't got through. Once they saw it they started saying that everyone tells us this and started going at me to say they will call the police or I need to go with them to the back room. Obviously I asked them to pay but they ignored it and said you need to come with us immediately. 


They pulled me into the room and started telling me off and didn't want to listen to what happened and kept giving threat's to call the police. I said ok I don't want to call the police as was super embarrassed. They've taken a picture of me and my name and age; I haven't signed anything and they inputted the data into the app. They've also been super unprofessional; talking over me; assuming I'm Arabic due to my last name; talking about their girlfriend's and their p....; texting on the phone and arguing with the girlfriend and comparing results of who caught more people that day. At the end they told me I am not allowed to enter the Apple store for two years but I didn't get any paperwork or any document to say so.


My questions now are: 


  1. Does this have any impact on me personally? 
  2. I work with the Apple corporate team a lot, and with this ban I am not sure if I am breaching anything walking into an apple store for a meeting?
  3. Does the image get shared with other security companies - given that my company where I work is also in retail business?
  4. If I want to challenge this; get a detailed report on what has been written in the system who would I contact; can I request for this to be deleted?
  5. Is it worth for me to do any of that or should I just continue as this hasn't happened?
  6. Should I disclose this to my asset protection team in my company as I don't want to have any problems? 


I've never been detained in my life, and don't have any type of police record.


Thank you




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I'm sure the experts will be along soon to help, but have a look at other "shoplifting" threads too (although you weren't shoplifting).


The whole exercise is just to frighten & humiliate people and IMO you can forget about 1, 2, 3 & 6.  As you say, they didn't give you any paperwork or document.  It means nothing in reality.


Maybe avoid that one shop in case the goons recognise you.


I suppose it's up to you if you want to challenge them for alienating a regular customer for the "crime" of there being a technology glitch, without you having any opportunity to defend yourself or have your say.





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e you trying to use apple pay by any chance? if so go and make a big fuss to their UK HQ

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