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    • As I recall the only thing you tried telling us was based on a quote that you selectively edited by Lord James of Blackheath. You misrepresented it as a statement of fact when it was actually a question which was laughed at by his peers in the House of Lords.  We told you it was garbage, you asked us to prove it and we did.   Remember?
    • you need to realise that for every person that does come to CAG and register and tell their story...there are poss 10'000 that don't but search the interweb whereby threads that are here pop up relating to like issues they are searching upon.   Most CAG siteteam and many other registered Caggers give advice that bears this in mind and post information which not only informs the starter of a thread upon what to do, but also takes into consideration the readers from the interweb that also read the relevant advice given that might not be brave enough to register and fess up.   to that end, there is very little alternative than to appear to give 'grief' [you deserve it - tough] to a cagger should certain previous advice not have been followed.....yours is a very classic case of such. hey I've found a backdoor CCJ.   to put it bluntly, had you have followed such previous advice, you most certainly would not be in the situation you are in here now.. .so by example, not giving you grief, for future readers...………..   ...never ever move without informing a debt owner of a move of address on any consumer debt that you last used or paid within the last say 7yrs. your credit file is a major key to ascertaining that information.... .but don't just read this advice come to the consumeractiongroup.co.uk website and let us help.   lecture over... what can you do..or more importantly....what can a claimant do now they have a default forthwith judgement against you. well we can't guess.... they might simply ignore it as 1000's of people with CCJ's find out..but it becomes an issue should you wish to say get a mortgage, remortgage or further credit.   i'm not going to enter into any of that here...that's for the reader to start a thread here and seek advice on their individual situation specific to them as you have done....   so...  bearing the all of the above in mind...over to you with regard to this backdoor CCJ.   as for the other debts that you didn't action before...go read your old thread and action what appropriate advice is given there for each type of debt that has been given should you wish to avoid any further backdoor CCJ's.   dx                    
    • hello my very good helpful friend. I am afraid to say that i did not. As i did not realise the relevance of it.   Should i be doing this right now of anyone on my credit file ?   Plz don't give me grief if u have already advised me...   do i do the ccs request now to everybody in that thread ?    
    • aha busted and stupid ...no wonder you've got mixed information here. never trust anything they say ..they have a very bad reputation for stating the truth.   now can you go get your credit file please..   there are cases whereby a council on historic CTAX debts do go for a county court CCJ, but a liability order from a magistrates court has far more clout legally than a county court CCJ and i've never heard of a court sending a bailiff out for 'multiple' CCJ collection.   me thinks he is pulling the wool here a bit and has looked at your credit file and seen CCJ's too so thought he'd chance his arm and use those as further leverage.   don't worry about the sat visit simply ignore do not answer the door if he appears. your task is too gather data at present.   credit file please..        
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Complaints Process against local Council - Planning breaches

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We and our neighbours have constantly alerted the Council regarding breaches of Planning Permission of a development in a Conservation Area, next door to our Grade II Listed house. 


This was right at the start of the build  - nearly 1 year ago, when it became obvious that the houses were going to be far higher (2m) than their granted planning permission and overlooking windows less than their guided minimum distances.  Windows had not been either moved (could have very easily) or made of obscured glass, as they look directly into our properties and gardens. We have all been completely ignored. 


We have today, completed the Councils complaints procedures and the end result is that they accept that the breaches have occurred but that it is now too late for them to enforce any changes...mainly  I believe, because of the costs involved. 


I presume the Developers would obviously expect the Council (who have failed to pick up these breaches when inspecting the build (even though they had been told of them repeatedly), would also look to them to pay for any changes to the now nearly completed houses. 


So it seems its a case of just whoops we will try and do better in the future and we have learned from this process. 

This just isn't good enough as our homes and gardens have visual intrusion and loss of privacy - for ever. 


We will continue our complaints to the Ombudsman but have been led to believe that even their powers are limited to giving them a smack on the hand and minimal compensation.  We are facing spending thousands on trying to screen our properties by planting mature trees and raising roofs of outbuildings to re-gain our privacy. 

We don't have the finances to try and initiate an expensive legal case and not sure if this is even an option? 


Other Councils in the land seem to be far more bullish when dealing with Developers who ignore the restrictions of their Permissions...ours doesn't care. 

Existing, established trees (which were in the Conservation Area and did not impede the development in any way were also marked to remain in the original plans.....) have been cut down.  When questioned we were told that permission had been discharged retrospectively without our knowledge or permission. 


I have attached the final response below...........

..please can anyone help us with this fight? 


I cannot believe that they are allowed to be this shambolic and apathetic and not to be held accountable or have insurances that will help us to ameliorate their mistakes. 

We run a business that just waters plants in buildings and we have to have £10 million of insurance to operate....do Councils have anything similar in place? 


My neighbours and I would really appreciate some help with this. 



Response to stage 2 complaint - final (RE).pdf

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You've left your name on the title of your pdf document, you may wish to edit it.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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Following your message, I've removed the name from the pdf title.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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