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    • Excellent so it is the Notice of Allocation with directions telling you the dates to submit your statement and evidence. I was just checking you had the correct notice.   Andy        
    • Why are you requesting settlement figures on credit cards ?   why are you engaging with them at all apart from sending a copy of the death certificate.   No estate = No money = no pay and then they will write them off..they have no other option....but you must not make payment from yourself not even the interest.   Andy
    • “and as I said - the 14 days is the outside of the possible period. ie 14 days too late.”     I fear you have confused yourself again. You were claiming a 14 day incubation period for 2019-nCoV, and now you bring up 14 days in a nonsensical statement (14 days too late for what?) while talking about smallpox .....   incubation period for smallpox is 7-17 days, BTW, so that spans 14 days, but isn’t “14 days”   October 10th (exposure)  to October 22nd (first symptoms). Even the case you cite was 12 days incubation, not 14 !   Great work cut n pasting the WHO info page: not only does it show the 10 day incubation period of the last naturally occurring case of smallpox, but nothing in there is in contradiction to my posts .... confirming I’m correct.
    • “They of course used the variola vaccination program which replaced the Claiming that....”   looks like you are missing some text there after “replaced the” !   As for “slower rate of mutation a chance to mutate” : smallpox is believed to have been around since 3rd Century BC, and maybe even 7 centuries before that. Apologies : I don’t have formal evidence for 10th Century BC (why I’m saying “maybe”). Good quality peer reviewed studies for 22 centuries (plus) ago are rare   There is no reason to believe that dairymaids (back then) who had had cowpox didn’t develop the immunity Jenner later characterised : so there would have been some selective pressure for smallpox to mutate its vaccine target even then. Variolation was used in the Far East (1549) even before it started to be used in the West in the 1720’s : that is some 428 years of further increased selective pressure to mutate the vaccine target, (250 years if you want to say “both East & West”)   Jenner started using vaccinia around 1796, but only published his paper on cowpox / vaccinia (from which the term vaccination is derived) in 1798. At least 179 years of even greater selective pressure yet still no mutation of the vaccine target.....   “Ahh, but those aren’t modern vaccines!” I hear you cry.... Well there was gradual improvement in the vaccines but there was a major step (freeze dried, heat-stable vaccine) in the 1950’s (25 years of yet further increased selective pressure)   So, with 22 centuries in which to mutate the vaccine target, 300 million deaths in the 20th century, and 15 million cases a year as late as 1967. Not a shred of evidence that there was a single mutation of the vaccine target...... that isn’t “slow”. that is zero.      
    • The  OP was clamped for having an untaxed car on the highway , clamp removal fee + tax from the first of the month . And the second fine is the late licencing  penalty of £80 and back tax from when the first 12 months ran out  to when the tax was renewed .      
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DCA and Octopus

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Was in contact with Octopus as lawyers dealt with change of house ownership, out of the blue there was a letter from aic dca to the occupier.

A letter I wrote to octopus must have crossed in the post.


I reached agreement and paid Octopus making sure the account was now up to date I didn't mention AIC at all because the letter they wrote was to the occupier and I won't deal with dcas.


Will aic try to contact me or am I correct in thinking Octopus will contact them and stop anything they try, or should I just ignore aic totally and let them waste their money?

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no dca has any legal powers on any debt

they are not bailiffs 


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