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Getting someone to call DWP on my behalf

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I don't need an apointee to deal with my finances. I just need someone to speak to the DWP for me. I'm hearing impaired and have issues with my speech and other peoples speech, which is harder over the phone.


I'm trying to get a letter from the DWP but can't get past the automated questions because no matter how many times I speak, I'm not understood and can't pass any further.


Can I just give my personal details to my parents and get them to phone? Or do they need my written permission, etc?

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DWP would need to go through security questions with you. Your parents could phone on your behalf while you were with them. But the phone would need to be passed to you to answer security questions. Once the security questions were answered, you could authorise for your parents to speak on your behalf for that phone call.


For each benefit, there are alternative contact options, such as text phone. Here is a link for the information on ESA contact options.




Your parents could make an appointment at the nearest Job Centre, so you could speak to someone about the benefit issue you want to raise.


What benefit department are you trying to contact ?


What letter are you wanting from DWP ?


Could you write asking for the letter to be sent to you ?

We could do with some help from you.



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Thank you. 


I can't answer the security questions because it's automated and no matter how many times I've been asked to repeat myself, it doesn't get my date of birth right.


I only wanted a letter to confirm that I receive income based ESA. Ended up going down the job centre in the end. Was just as quick.

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