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DFS Footstool denied a refund

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I picked up my long awaited velvet footstool on Friday

- 2 days later I noticed maks/imdentations which wouldnt come out

- these marks were from resting my feet on it!

I called DFS straightaway and a service manager came out 2 days later.


Long story short it is 'pile crushing' and is the nature of the fabric

- it isnt' faulty' and therefore no problem

- despite it marking anytime I actually use it!


I called store manager and after what became a heated discussion he agreed that the sales person on the phone 'should have' mentioned this to me 

its still MY responsibility to do research into the fabric that I ordered

- note there is no mention of 'pile crushing' anywhere on their website (that I can see anyway unless its extremely well hidden!) and I apparently need to take responsibility for what I order .


I was told how to 'maintain' it but I pointed out I dont buy furniture thinking I need to 'maintain it' after two days of minimal use!


Going around in coircles he 'closed my file as fabric isnt faulty' - no.

it isnt but surely I should have been made aware of this and DFS should make it clear on their website.


I now have a £200 footstool that I was excitedly waiting for that I cant use as it 'marks' and the fabric crushes!


I was told by the manager that if I complain on line it simply is referred to him - if I go to his regional manager it simply gets referred to him and this man at the end of the phone has the final say.


Can I go anywhere from here??

I paid on debit not credit card unfortunately.


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dig out anything you can find on the filling material and show us how obvious or not the description is.

Yes, hollow fibre and other synthetics suffer from pile crushing but if they failed to highlight the filling material in the sales literature/spiel then your expectations could well be different to the actual performance.


The devil here is the detail of the spec for the item, show they didnt bring this to your attention and you stand a good chance of demonstrating that the item was missold

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