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Mr Forty

Axa wont insure - DVLA insists!

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I hope you can assist.


I recently had my driving licence revoked on medical grounds (a tempory situation until my blood glucose sugar levels improve. I'm a diabetic.).

It's unfortunate that Axa Insurance will no longer insure my vehicle as it's not in operation and my licence is with the DVLA.


They, the DVLA insist it must be insured!

I cant win unless i have private land and SORN - which i dont.


Not being able to insure, i have received a penalty!

This is total discrimination.


How good i thought i was declaring a temporary inbalance of blood sugar levels, only to be treated like a yob who wont pay out for car insurance. 


I wont pay any fine, prepared to go all the way if need be.


Any advice is very much appreciated.


Thank you.

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Go back to AXA. Ask them to quote you for insuring it on a 3rd party, fire and theft basis, with an undertaking from you that you won't drive it until the situation is resolved, OR if they won;t play ball,

Transfer the registered keeper to a 3rd party, who can insure it until the situation is resolved and it is transferred back to you.

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10 hours ago, Mr Forty said:

 They, the DVLA insist it must be insured!

It is not the DVLA that insist it must be insured, it is s.144A, Road Traffic Act 1988. Off road and SORN is one of the exceptions - s.144B of the same act.

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Tricky ! If someone in this situation wanted to continue to Insure their car on a comprehensive basis they would find it difficult.  Most people would want comp cover, so a car is fully covered, even though they might not be driving it,


Suggest contacting an Insurance Brokers to ask what they can arrange.


If Insurance is not available, find a storage option, so the car can be kept off the road and SORN. 

We could do with some help from you.



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