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Lowells EE LBA 3 accounts combined

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Took out an EE mobile contract for myself back in 2010, my wife also had one in my name about a year later.

Come 2013/4 we’ve both renewed.  I have a new job but despite being on the outskirts of a city there is a dead spot with no reception that covers most of the estate where I work.

I argue with EE, they refuse to acknowledge a problem.  I use a mobile app to show signal strength and forward them the screenshots.  I refuse to pay either until I get a reply.  Both contracts eventually lapse and I respond to a few debt collection letters with a summary of the above then ignore the rest.

Earlier this year Lowell’s send an LBA for one of the accounts, I reply with request for docs and GDPR request, they put action on hold while responding and never respond.

I send them an account in dispute letter. No reply.

This weekend had a new Letter before action for, oddly, 3 accounts. The two I know about plus one other total of the three is over £1300.

My current plan is, request docs/proof plus GDPR as a reply to the PAP if a claim pops up defend on the basis most of the balance is early termination fees.  Will also include the original signal strength dispute.

My guess is SB is approaching and Lowells are trying one last time.  Am a little worried that the 4 figure sum will give them the incentive to go all the way to CCJ with this one.


Have defended a couple of different claims in the past including 2 in court and won or had them dropped before court so I’m aware of the processes and probable outcomes.

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You should renew the request for documents and also the SAR. He should send an SAR to EE

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Thread moved to the appropriate forum ....Debt Collection Agencies Forum.





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