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Currys/Team Know How refusing to honour replacement/vouchers

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Repair and Support Plan states:

If your product goes wrong after the 3rd Repair, you can request a replacement.(The faults must be mechanical they say e.g Hard Drive as opposed to physical/accidental to qualify for replacement/vouchers).


My Laptop has had 4 Hard Drive replacements.

They are attempting to claim that a corner being missing when the laptop went in for repair over rides Hard Drive Failure and are therefore claiming my laptop has had only 3 repairs.


Also Well fix in 7 days or replacement-1 of the repairs took almost a month.

Ive refused delivery of my `fixed` laptop now for 3 months while arguing to and fro with them that they have breached the support plan and I want replacement vouchers.They are now charging me £50 to store my laptop and are going to dispose of it in 6 days if I dont contact them.

Been through usual channels..Consumer advice... just found out they wont participate in ADR. I loathe this company they are a disgrace. Ive paid A support Plan £11 per month for over 8 years.

Im aware how bad they are and how many people they have shafted.

Anyone any idea where I stand ..what I do?I dont want them to get away with broaching the policy as well as binning my laptop.Im left with nothing.



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Is it worth it for an 8-year old laptop?


Why would you pay £132 a year (£11/month) for a “service plan” on something now worth perhaps £150?.


Get a new laptop. Even a “current basic spec” machine will exceed that of a “top-end machine as at 2011”. Don’t get a service plan, and in 3 years you’ll have saved close to £400 towards replacing a 3-year old laptop (rather than an 8 year old laptop).


I suspect you are fighting the wrong battle, unless you are hoping they’ll provide you with a replacement machine. Unlikely they’ll be able to replace an 8 year old machine, and you may get offered a pittance in vouchers as the ‘spec’ is so poor by today’s standards.

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Are you saying that the laptop is eight years old or are you saying that you have used this insurance system for eight years over a variety of machines?

I have to say that four disk failures sounds pretty extreme even if it is eight years old – and I'd like to know more about the corner being knocked off. Presumably you mean the corner of the laptop.

I agree with the post above by BazzaS that if it is an eight year old laptop then maybe you aren't spending your money the most wisely. Of course, you have paid for the insurance and they have accepted your money every month so in principle you are entitled to the protection which has been promised to you month by month.
We have had a previous case Where Currys Know How has appeared to take the attitude that "enough is enough" – too many claims – but of course if they are happy to keep on taking your money each month then this is not a valid argument.

Whatever the situation, they are now threatening to throw away your laptop or to have it destroyed – and in law you have a duty to mitigate your loss. That means that you should get the laptop back and then sue for any financial losses that you feel that you have had. So, for instance, if they have refused to repair it and you feel that you have a case then you should get the laptop back and then sue them for the cost of repairs – plus also the storage fee which they may not be entitled to claim. If you allow them to throw away the laptop then I think that you put yourself into a more difficult position.


Just to add, although I'm sure there are lots of satisfied customers of Currys, we hear very bad reports about them in respect of their customer service standards far too often.

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So I just allow them to get away with policy breach?

I paid £460 for this laptop..why wouldn't I be entitled to a replacement that costs the same?


They are all over Google groups repeatedly doing this to Customers..I am far from being the only one.


Their support plan isnt worth anything when you ask for the replacement promised.

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no warranty or paid for extended warranty ever is.



please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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I'm going to request laptop back and take them to small claims court.


Their Policy is also contradictory in 2 separate paragraphs.

1 says vouchers after 3rd repair

other says after 4th repair.


Nowhere does it say physical fault (corner missing) overrides Mechanical fault).

£50 storage charge.

Refund of 8years of policy payments-as they've broached it

Vouchers entitled to ost of £450

Cost of all the phonecalls and my time 


They rely on people not standing up to them.



.the laptop had clip on corners that repeatedly fell off so I kept them in kitchen draw (which I explained in letter to them).


People need to stand up to them it's abhorrent what they are doing to hundreds if not thousands of people.

Thanks for your replies

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