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VCS PCN - no stopping - spycar CCTV - Liverpool Airport "offence"


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Never waste your time writing to dcas it only gives them ideas way above their rank- which is still well below a dog turd mind you.

But the keeper should 

 write to VCS who will then inform the lesser human beings that work for them.We are talking at amoeba levels now and that was just for VCS.

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Hobnail you don't know Elms too well yet.


I am surprised that they got as close as they did to adding up to 30. I think the poor dears get confused because most other letters they send out are to give 28 days notice.


They even  have difficulty with their two times table and often consult with the char lady to confirm that 2 plus 2 equals 4.  Just act on the notion that they are total numpties and you won't be far out.

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Hobnail please don't take offence . DX covers so many different threads throughout the Forum so tends to be quite short in more ways than one. And while he may have been away from school when public relations were on the curriculum he is right when he said that you do need to understand how these crooks operate to be able to able to beat them in Court. All of us here want our members to win against the parking companies  and the best way is to see how others have handled similar situations. I expect he knows that you may not have looked at many threads on here to give you ideas to better your chances of winning.


You may have heard of the expression "Judge Lottery" on here where some judge comes up with an off the wall decision that virtually no other judge has come up with. So even where you have almost a cast iron case it can all go awry and the way to help circumvent these judges is to have sufficient knowledge and understanding to be able to counter his or her judgement.


I happen to think that no one should lose their case on airport land since the roads  are usually covered by the Road Traffic Act and /or Bye Laws since the land is not relevant land under PoFA. But it is surely better to be over qualified in your knowledge of your case rather than being under prepared. You never know until it is too late when you needed to be over qualified. We all hate it here when one of our members don't win their case so DX in his own sweet way🙂  is just making sure that you have the best possible chance of walking away a winner.


PS I had started to write this before Dx wrote his post just now.


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if you are not going to Court then work out the maximum you will  pay and then offer £30 quid less at least.

And in view of the fact that Judges will be crossing out charges any greater than £100 in line with the Government's new Code of Practice [anything higher than that has been labelled a "rip off" by  Government Ministers] that should be your maximum too.


Point out that by accepting your figure, they avoid the expense of going to Court plus having to complete a Witness Statement which is time consuming and paying a solicitor which in itself will be around £200 to £250 depending, they would be better off accepting your £70 and at least getting something out of it.


You could add that they must bear in mind that should you lose, your wife has an important job that will add a further £200 to the bill and were it not for the pressure of her work she would go to Court. Anything more than £70 and she would be inclined to take it all the way.


You could add that by doing it under the counter as it were, this eliminate the need to pay their legal team and the debt collector as VCS could tell them they had decided to drop the charges. 


Anything under £100 is a bonus for them as they save paying for a solicitor in Court so there is no reason why you should not share in their benefit and they  accept less than £100.


Personally I'd wait till a few more cases go through the Court and see how they fare and point out to your wife that the Small Claims Court is very informal.


You only call  the Judge Sir, not Your Honour and the solicitors are usually still wet behind the ears and will probably only have received the defence from VHS the day before the hearing. And the legal people at VCS are rubbish while she has a strong case.

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