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Getting charged salvage costs after my bike was written off!

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Hi, I hope someone can tell me where I stand here. 


A couple of weeks ago I was stationary in traffic, when a van drove into the back of my bike.  It was a non fault claim and my insurers(MCE) put me onto a company called Plantec Assist.  Plantec dealt with my claim, picked my bike up and dropped off a hire bike. 


After a few days, they told me my bike is now a Cat B write off.  It was valued at about £2500 and they have taken out payment for about £300 for the salvage value.  They say this is what the bike is now worth as salvage.


They seem to expect me to sell the bike myself to a salvage dealer?  What are my rights here?  I've been onto the third party insurer and complaied both about the valuation, which they have now put to £3000.  And about the salvage.  I do not want a Cat B bike on my property, I have nowhere to store it, I've bought a new bike so it's no longer insured, and it's not able to go back on the road.  Shouldn't the third party insurers(QBE) have to pay me and deal with this?


I'd appreciate any info on my rights and where I stand with this.



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So why are Plantec not arranging for a salvage company to buy the bike for the £300 they say it is worth ?


And then you get the £3000 being offered for the bikes value at the time of the accident.


 Suggest that you complain to your Insurers MCE about the service being offered by Plantec.

We could do with some help from you.



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essentially it becomes their bike whe they settle the claim so the other party's insurers should take the bike and do what they can to reduce theirs costs. Not for you to deal with but being lazy and not wanting to get into scrap metal dealing they hope that you accept the situation.

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The salvage is legally yours, the third party insurers have no liability or contract of ownership to take you bike, just pay you what the bike is worth less what you could reclaim for the salvage costs on the open market.  They have dealt with their legal liability under indemnity and played this by the book. 



Have you asked Plantec if they will scrap it for you? or if they will ask the third party insurers to scrap it for you ? Often they will, they just need to be asked. 


Other than that arrange a scrappie, etc, and if you can't get £300 get some evidence to show this and claim the difference, if you get more, don't tell them



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