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URGENT advice needed court order pcn ticket

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I have just received this today.


I sent everything off by email including the DQ at the time of submitting my defence.

for some reason the court have sent me this stating i have not.

I have all the emails to prove i sent them.


This says its an order? and that i have a right to get the order set aside, ?

but also it says i have 7 days to comply?

if sent before 7 days will this be quashed the order or do i have to do something else.

could some one help me asap 




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you don't file a DQ with your defence.

its not due then hence its was probably disregarded.

its issued from the court WHEN the claimant has filed theirs as they might not have wanted to continue following reading your defence.



so download it from our legal library section

or from their stated website 


3 copies

no to mediation

1 wit you

the rest is obv


1 to the court

1 to the claimants solicitors minus email/phone/sig

1 for your file.


use royal mail only

though no harm in not sending a copy now by email.


if you want further help as this progresses

then complete the following



and a copy of the defence you filed too.


I would now NOT use email again.

else the claimant will file their WS 1 min before the deadline removing you the chance of countering it.

so sent the claimt and their sols an email each

stating xxxx email address is not to be used for any further matters concerning case xxxxxx


I've removed you pic as it has the case number

if you wish to pop it back up

then please use PDF only after reading upload










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give us a timeline of what has happened so far and we can work out where you are and what you need to do next.

so date of claim

date yu acknowledegd claim

date you submitted defence (if different)

date you got N180 questionnaire (if you ave got that far)

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You cant submit a DQ by email...and you couldn't possibly submit one at the time of submitting a defence.


You need to re track and check your documents.


The Court Order simply informs you to submit your DQ (N180)...if you fail to comply by that date required your defence will be struck out.


Complete and submit it now and a copy to the claimants solicitor...by post.......retain a copy for your file.



We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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