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Ongoing Luggage Mule Issues

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Ok, so bear with me for the background because this gets ridiculous & infuriating very quickly.

I'm giving the circumstances in the order that they occurred, not the order that I discovered them, so as to be less confusing with the situation.


07.06.2019 - I book and pay for Luggage mule to collect a 30kg case from my flat on 10.06.2019 and deliver it to my sister in Spain by 14.06.2019, then collect the same luggage from Spain on 22.06.2019 and deliver it back to my flat by 28.06.2019. I receive an email stating due to the 'remote location' of my sister, this will incur an addition £39.00 fee. I pay this.


10.06.2019 - DPD arrive and they collect my luggage. It has 3 x labels on the case (provided by luggage mule) and has been cling filmed also as advised, with my name and telephone number also displayed front and bank in 2 inch letters. 


14.06.2019 - Website tracking states this is out for delivery and does not change all day.


15.06.2019 - Website tracking updates to state 'issue with address' - dated for the day before. I attempt to call to find all the offices are shut over the weekend, I send an email instead - My sister takes over trying to find whats happened as its my daughters birthday (and birthday party) and we are flying out the next day.


16.06.2019 - I fly out to Spain with a 1 and a 3 year old, with no updates at all regarding the luggage as everything is shut. 


17.06.2019 - I receive an email back asking for confirmation of the address and a local Spanish number for them to call. This is provided as well as an alternate address for the delivery on the main road, should they have issue locating us. I also spend all day on the phone with dpd exports team attempting to find this. I am unable to contact luggage mule via telephone, as both numbers I could find for them have been disconnected, going by the reviews, this occurred sometime in February. They advise that this was booked by a company called Parcels2Go, not Luggage mule. I receive an email advising I should wait in on 18.06.2019 as this will be delivered by 3pm. I have spent all day calling and emailing around.


18.06.2019 - I receive email advising that my luggage is in the Malaga depot and a telephone number for a dpd account manager in Spain. We call this number to find this is just the seur (last mile carrier) depot main line, and a Spanish speaking friend gives all the address information, as well as directions and their telephone number for directions/issues. No delivery arrives. DPD advise this will be on the van tomorrow for delivery by 3pm.


19.06.2019 - I receive an email from luggage mule stating they have had email from dpd asking us to call the depot directly, same telephone number given as that of out 'dpd account manager'. Our Spanish friend again calls and finds they have all the information and this is already out for delivery. I receive a separate email from Luggage mule stating that I had booked my luggage collection for a Saturday and they do not do any collections over the weekend. They go on to tell me that the following Monday (24.06.2019) is also a Bank holiday and that they will be collecting the luggage instead on Tuesday (25.06.2019). No luggage arrives. I spend most of the rest of the day on the phone to dpd exports team crying attempting to trace this, told it will go out for delivery again tomorrow, arrival by 3pm. When later checking Suer tracking, this was on the van to be delivered, they then received a call to schedule the delivery for the following day instead.


20.06.2019 - I email luggage mule to advise that there updated collection date is in no way acceptable and further advise that this has still yet to arrive. I state that they will collect this parcel on the previously agreed and paid for date, or I will take this as hold luggage and they will cover this cost (providing it even arrives) I also request refund as they have completely failed to provide the advertised service and have ruined my trip and I have incurred costs because of this. I receive no response. DPD email to advise that the delivery is scheduled for today by 3pm. An hour later I receive another email from exports team stating that this has now been rescheduled for tomorrow by 3pm. She advises she attempted to get it today, but was told that they had received instruction that it should be delivered tomorrow and there was nothing further they could do. Our Spanish friend again contacts Suer, who get quite aggressive and advise they have received explicit instruction to deliver tomorrow and that they would do so at 11:30 am. As you've probably guessed, no delivery arrives.


21.06.2019 - No delivery at 11:30 as advised. I email luggage mule requesting any kind of response. I attempt to call dpd, but this has now linked my phone number to the tracking number. every call takes me through an automated loop advising that as I am a Parcel2Go customer, I need to contact them and cuts off, this can only be done online. They will not speak to me as I do not have the correct reference numbers, I didn't book with them. I email dpd exports, but do not receive response. Luggage mule respond to my earlier email and state they are investigating, the address is fine and this will be delivered today by 3pm. They give me a link for the seur tracking site ( which i've been following all week myself) and the dpd tracking number (which doesn't work on this site). No delivery arrives (SURPRISE!!) so I email again, I advise that all their tracking information is incorrect and that I already have the relevant information, that this was sourced independently due to their complete lack of any assistance. I advise that I want to know how they are getting my luggage back to me and that I expect to receive a full refund. They respond that as I leave the next day, they have advised to return to sender and to refuse the delivery should it arrive. They advise they will refund me, but only once my luggage is back with me.


22.06.2019 - We attend the Roman Baths on our way to the airport to attempt some semblance of a holiday before going home. My sister receives an extremely angry and (assuming as don't speak Spanish) aggressive call from a delivery driver who is at her property, attempting to deliver my luggage, she tries to explain its return to sender, he states 'that's impossible'. Our Spanish friends contacts the driver directly where he is shouted at again and again that 'return to sender' is not possible. This is eventually resolved and the driver agrees to return this to the depot as a refused delivery. We fly home.


24.06.2019 - I email Luggage mule to advise of the situation on Saturday (22.06.2019), I advise that the dpd & Seur tracking have this as out for delivery to my sister again today. I advise that they were obviously lying when stating no deliveries or collections take place over the weekend. I advise I expect my luggage back by 28.06.2019 as originally agreed. I request an exact date for return and date of refund. Luggage mule respond and request receipts for all items purchased in Spain to replace what was missing (very few items as I this was spending money, not clothing money) so they can refund it. Advise they will file complaint with dpd.


25.06.2019 - DPD email me and request I get Parcel2 Go to contact them with address information as the delivery failed the day before.


I am still yet to receive this luggage back. There are a total of around 170 emails sent and received regarding this and I'm tired, I just want my stuff. 

Cliff notes for the rest as follows:


01.07.2019 - advised by LM that this is returned to sender - awaiting tracking 

02.07.2019 - dpd say once returned to UK (as it did on 29.06.2019), it will be relabelled and returned to me.

05.07.2019 - After 4 emails chasing, LM respond and request description of my luggage to open investigation. I send back photos of it as it was collected back on 10.06.2019.

08.07.2019 - LM email to state this will be delivered to my address today. but are unable to provide the new tracking number. (it doesn't arrive)

09.07.2019 - I email to let them know it didn't turn up. Response says will check with couriers, and that 'full refund' has been processed. I respond to state only first payment of £67.00 was refunded, not the additional £39.00 I paid on top on the same day.

10.07.2019 - Email received stating investigations continuing and that additional £39.00 has now been refunded (in fact they charged my card another £39.00 then refunded it - this has been raised with the card issuer).

12.07.2019 - no update, but advised they were told the tracking number will not change.

16.07.2019 - After several un-responded emails from me, LM responds advising that when they say courier, they mean Parcels2Go, advise that P2G have now escalated the investigation with DPD and this take 7-14 working days to complete. I had been in contact with DPD directly who continually advises that no investigations have been raised with them, theyve had no communications from P2G. P2G tracking shows as delivered in Spain with no issues and they confirmed via webchat that LM has no business contract at all with them and they have received no instruction from LM to raise issue with the parcel.

17.07.2019 - Receive 2 crackly calls from LM (on private number) in the middle of my working day out of they blue, they are quickly disconnected and then get an email stating no update shortly after.

18.07.2019 - Receive email from dpd advising no investigation raised and to instruct down the line to get this opened for me. Respond with photos of luggage and forward all to LM to explain. They advise it has been done.

19.07.2019 - DPD email again to advise still no instruction received, forward to LM. I request they open investigation and send proof this has been completed. (no response)

22.07.2019 - DPD email again to advise they need P2G to contact them to raise the investigation, I again forward this to LM for explanation - Lm respond and advise 2 business days to get me over proof.

23.07.2019 -Receive a transcript of a conversation between LM and P2G, They advise that investigation was raised with DPD on the 16.07.2019 (they advised this was being done on the 05.07.2019). 

29.07.2019 - I lay out all sections of their webchat which go against things already advised and ask questions about why I was lied to. This is ignored. I also request that they relinquish the authority to deal with P2G to me so I can deal with it more directly. This is also ignored.

30.07.2019 - Advise they have requested I speak to the courier directly, but this was refused due to confidentiality. I request again, for authority to be passed over to me so I can directly speak to dpd and get this resolved.

31.07.2019 - Receive email from LM advising investigations are concluded and my luggage is declared lost. Advised they will pay me £50.300 for this inconvenience.

01.08.2019 - I request the email that states this from dpd to be sent to me. Advise i will take to court over theft of my property and that they absolutely can relinquish authority to me, request again that this be done.

02.08.2019 - Receive email from LM stating that i'm 'clearly dissatisfied' and that the managing director will be in touch by 05.08.2019.

12.08.2019 - After several attempts to get a response, my emails are now getting a 'thanks for contacting us' auto response. 


13.08.2019 - received response from managing director, advises they have done their best, they cannot relinquish authority to me, and they will give me £50.00 to conclude the issue.


I have not yet responded.I was away on holiday from 22.08.2019 - 31.08.2019 without a signal and I have no idea what to do. I just want my stuff. 

I'm covered through my own insurance for the full value of the items in the case, but I cant even make a claim without the email from dpd confirming this as lost.

Last scan for the item was on 29.06.2019 at international hub hinkly. Could I not just go there? 


Literally any help or advice would be appreciated. I've cried in frustration and anger and I feel an idiot for doing so, but I spent all but one day of my holiday trying to fix this.

My kids both have bad excema so couldn't even swim (it was 30 degrees!) as their creams were in the case, as was my pain medication, so I got to go through withdrawal too.




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