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Three claims were made on car insurance when it should have been one - HELP!

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Hi everyone,

i am writing this on behalf of my wife. She was involved in a car accident early this year where the other driver drove into her on the side of her car and then exchanged details for insurance.

She came home, called her insurance (First Insurance) and made a claim. Somehow, a claims company got involved (Winn Solicitors) and told her that the other driver accepted all liablilites and her excess and no claims bonus will not be affected.

They gave a five star service by coming to the house and collecting her car for repairs and devliering the hire car etc etc. She didnt take notice as she made the claim to her insurance company and they got a claims company involved (i think that was the case).

She got her car back and all was good. Until now...... her renewal came and her premium shot up. She enquired with her insurance and they landed the bombshell that she made 3 claims earlier this year. 

She was shocked and wanted answers but they said to speak to the claims company. So she called up Winn Solicitors and they said she needs to call her insurance company called AXA. My wife was confused, her insurance is First Insurance but now its AXA, even though the renewal came from first.


I belive shes a victim of a [problem] and shes really hearbroken. 


I would appreciate if i can get some advice here on what to do as it appears none of the company are helping her situatiuon due to the confusion.


your advice is much appreciated. thanks 

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Start off by sending each party an SAR.


I expect that site team member @unclebulgaria67 will be along soon to give you some good advice

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Hi Bankfodder, 

thanks for your quick response.

When you say each party, are they 

- First Insurance (wifes insurance comapny)

- Winn Solicitors (claims)

- AXA (no idea how they are her insurance comany)


So i should send it in writing and avoid email?



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Writing is best. Recorded delivery

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First Insurance are probably the Insurance providers, but the actual policy underwriting and claims underwriting was AXA.


Suggest that your Wife calls First Insurance, as there appears to be an error.  Winn Solicitors may have been appointed by the third parties Insurers and the third parties insurers pay all of the claim costs. Therefore there would not be any claim paid under your wife policy.  


Of there has been a misunderstanding and Winn Solicitors were given your wifes details by First Insurance and so far the Insurance underwriters AXA have not made any recovery from the third party, therefore there is one fault claim.


Does not explain the 3 claims.


This is for First Insurance to resolve. Make a complaint.

We could do with some help from you.



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Hi Guys,

thanks for all your advice.

After speaking to AXA, they confirmed that only one claim was made and it was in my wifes favour so her NCB was not affected. However, they were quite annoyed with the fact that First insurance had 3 claims on their system so they lodged an official complaint. They also sent an email confirming the one claim to First insurance. First did call later that evening to apologies to my wife and updated her renewal quote. And unclebulgaria67 you were right, First insurance are insurance providers and underwriters are AXA - (AXA made this clear not First).


We're just glad she wasnt a victim of those clone vehicle scams that we hear about..


anyway, thanks for your prompt responses and advice.

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