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Arnold Clark - Clutch

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Morning all,

Hopefully some kind soul could advise on where to turn from here?


I purchased a Hyundai i40 back in December, 2018 off of Arnold Clark. The car had a new clutch, allegedly, fitted prior to me collecting the vehicle and I was advised there is a 12 month warranty on the clutch itself.  I noticed some issues over the few days of taking the vehicle away, and it was returned twice (December & January) for concerns with the clutch. On both occasions, I was fobbed off.  Unfortunately there was a loss within the family and my attention was drawn elsewhere, so it wasn't until June I chased the sales rep via email, ignored, phone calls, unreturned.

Last week I took my car for an MOT and the mechanic gave me friendly advice regarding the clutch; it's "screwed".  So with that, I took it to Halford's for their free clutch test deal; same outcome.


Last Wednesday I contacted Arnold Clark, informed them of this and it was scheduled in for a road test (Today at 8am).  The Mechanic immediately noticed the issue I had been complaining about since day 1, and advised the gear box needs dropping etc.  The Service Manager stated there is no 12 month warranty with the clutch, and that I have to pay £150.00 to have the gear box dropped and any costs that come with it. I challenged this, and the quickly stated that I have to still pay the £150.00, and they may be able to get Sales to front the remainder.  There was no guarantee with this.


I was somewhat annoyed, so informed them I'm not happy with the outcome and lack of certainty on what sales can do, so I left.


I am lost on what I can do from here, if anything. I do have emails back and to regarding the clutch to Arnold Clark, but that's about it.



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It has nothing to do with a warranty. The consumer rights act entitles you to purchase an item which is of satisfactory quality and remains that way for a reasonable period of time. He bought second-hand vehicle and you had been told that it had a new clutch. Therefore although you might have to take into consideration other aspects of the vehicle – that it was a second-hand vehicle with a certain mileage on it, you are entitled to expect that the clutch would perform as well and for as long as a new clutch. Clearly it hasn't.

I would suggest that you have the clutch replaced by them for £150 and then sue them for the return for money plus interest. I'm afraid that the only way to deal with companies that behave like this is in a self-centred aggressive way.
It will help if you can get some written confirmation that they are not prepared to to provide the new clutch free of charge but will only provide it on payment of £150.

Get the clutch fixed. As soon as you are satisfied with it then send them a letter before claim and then sue them – don't hang around. We will help you

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Thank you for your reply.


Just an update - I went direct to customer service, who weren't totally happy - they spoke with the Service Manager, who then spoke to me.


Apparently I have to pay £150.00 to have the gearbox dropped. They then assess the vehicle (clutch/flywheel) and come back with a solution. It either fails

a). It's a parts fault from when the "new clutch" was fitted in December
b). It wear and tear

If it's a). they will fix, but I am still £150.00 down
If it's b). I can attempt customer service again who will speak with sales, or walk away - still £150.00 down.

He did say the strength in my approach is that I have raised this twice upon collecting the car, however defends his mechanics for not noticing the fault. I am 100% certain the noise has not got worse since I brought it in, but hey, they know better.

The Service Manager also states it does sound like a part-warranty, which gives me confidence - however it's the initial £150.00.  Could this be claimed back? Should it be claimed back? Personally (business aside), I feel let down and led astray. He threw a dig in for not extending warranty, but my response is I was advised the clutch has 12months - silence.


Thanks for taking the time.



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