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    • OK.  So you lent your car to a friend in 2019 and he racked up three parking tickets that he tells you he didn't know anything about(!).  You were the registered keeper (RK) at the time at your family address, but you got chucked out and could not change your RK address with DVLA because you were homeless.  You knew nothing about the parking tickets and enforcement action until you got a bailiffs' letter passed on to you.  You made an Out of Time (OOT) application in respect of one PCN but Birmingham CC objected to it and the traffic court rejected your application.  A solicitor helped you make OOTs in respect of the other two PCNs but you don't yet know the outcome of those two applications.   Is that the situation you are in?   dx100uk thinks you can resubmit the application saying your friend was the driver.  I don't think saying that will help as the driver is irrelevant.  It's the owner who is liable to pay the charge and that is the RK (unless the RK is a car hire firm).  I assume you are not a car hire firm so you are stuck with the liability, not the driver.   Whether you actually can resubmit an OOT once one has been rejected I do not know, but why not try.  What did the solicitor put on the applications they helped you with?  Did you not ask their advice about the rejected application while you were with them?  I think you would have to say something to the effect that you never received any paperwork in relation to the PCNs because you had been chucked out of your home and because you were homeless you did not update your address at DVLA.  That is the truth isn't it?  You don't want to lie on the application.   To me that's a good reason for you not doing anything about the PCNs, but I suspect that Birmingham CC will object again and that the traffic court will reject again.  And, as I said above, I don't even know if you can submit a second OOT application in respect of a PCN if the first has been rejected.   So it looks to me like you might be a bit stuck.   Unless dx100uk, or spaceman61, or another poster with expertise in local authority PCNs comes along I'm not sure what you do.   If you get no more helpful suggestions here you could try on National Consumer Service.  If you do go there, do not register with a hotmail address.  You will also need to provide them with a timeline of everything for all the documents you actually have, and you will need all the facts and dates etc at your fingertips.  And make sure they are accurate.   http://forums.National Consumer Service.com/index.php?showforum=30   And get your friend to contribute to paying off the PCNs.  Do you believe he really knew nothing about them?
    • To enjoy the protection offered by s.75 CCA 1974 for a credit card payment, you must pay over £100 and under £30,000 for the goods or service (even if part payment for a larger total amount).
    • Hi Charlie and welcome to CAG   As an Executor, you have a duty to insure the property and tell the currect insurer of the passing of the deceased.   Most insurers will refuse normal contents cover on a house left unoccupied beyond 60 days. So, unoccupied, the home will not be insured against break-in damage, theft, flood, accidental damage, etc.   You may be able to obtain FLEE insurance covering only Fire, Lightening, Explosion and Earthquake. It may cost more than usual contents cover  because the home is unoccupied, even though the level/amount of cover is less than for an occupied home.   As said here already, an Executor would be wise (or indeed have a duty) to remove valuables from the home if you have somewhere safer to store them pending Probate, distribution, sale, etc.   I hope if you can explain the insurance risks to YB and assure him that you are not taking items just for your own benefit, he may see sense.   Please keep us updated ............
    • yours is not the next move   dx  
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New conservatory problem

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I'm very sorry. It must be very frightening.  phone 999 police immediately and tell them that you are an elderly widow with medical problems and that you have a builder banging on your door at this very moment.

What is the name of the firm please and what is his name

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I suggest that whatever you do, you do not open the door.  You should record everything that happened get your phone ready right now and start recording.

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What has happened please

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Sorry I came a bit late on this despite the invitation. Hopefully you're ok after the builder's visit.

First thing first:


Claiming of being fensa registered is very misleading, unfortunately fensa don't take rogue builders to court for using their name as far as i know.

In reality a fensa certificate is a useless piece of paper.

I always used fensa registered fitters, but never in my life i was asked to produce a certificate.

An ill fitted upvc window or door is easy to spot, that's why I suppose nobody cares about fensa but the homeowners to keep this piece of paper in their file.

Anyhow,  saying that they are registered when they're not is enough to terminate the contract without paying them


Point 2: water dropping on conservatory roof strictly speaking complies to the very loose regs, however,  it's very bad practice. 

I hate to see spouts onto roofs, they make a mess and create a moss area, just horrible.

All for the sake of some guttering and downpipe.

In your case I understand that it is now too late to fix this without dismantling the whole conservatory; amateurs error not to take proper measurements BEFORE start building. 


Point 3: covered air bricks. 

This is a potential disaster.


Point 4: dirty patio. Everything can be cleaned with the correct product and tool, most likely they're too lazy to do it and are rushing to the next "job"


At this point I would employ a surveyor/building control official/qualified builder to inspect the work.

For something like this I would charge around £200, but my prices have always been too reasonable,  so expect to pay up to £350/400.

The report should highlight all defects with pictures and remedial work suggestions.

Once you have this you can tell the builder to fix everything. 

In reality he's not capable, otherwise he would have done it right the first time.

So you'll probably end up employing someone else to fix the job


Unfortunately this will cost you more than anticipated. 


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Anyway well I have to say that a lot of effort has been put into helping @momma with this problem and some others became very worried last night when we were told that apparently a builder was knocking on the door at about 8 o'clock at night.

@momma has been back and visited this thread this morning and yet we have had no news and I'm afraid that I find it rather discourteous to people who became quite justifiably concerned about what was going on last night.

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I had been back, but unwell after last nights fiasco as I did not sleep and could not formulate what I needed to say to you. I am sorry that you think I was being discourteous. I certainly was not, and would have though that under the circumstances you would have been more understanding and given me some time to come back to you. I wholeheartedly appreciate your help so far.


 I had to email the builder to stop harassing me as phone calls went on during the night.


Speak to the police and get a crime number who are going to interview him and meanwhile gave the advice to write a polite email in the format of cease and desist, and speak to MyBuilder who took a full statement regarding this guys actions. They are also no going to interview him with regard to his aggressive and intimidating actions and also about his false claim to belong to FENSA.


They asked what I would like to happen to him, and I stated that I would like him removed from their website. They are considering this as it is possible they will take this action. 


I have also had to phone round to get someone to agree to come out and at least look at the guttering to see if they can do anything to improve it, or sort it meanwhile as he has also cut a hole in the external part of the soffit in which as well as the rain is pouring down the wall and conservatory side, is running internally in the soffits.


It is all a bit too much for me I am afraid at the moment. I am waiting for the gutter company to come out, and trying to get a conservatory company to come and give a report, both for myself and the builder but also MyBuilder who wants the reports as well as the crime reference number.


That is all I can tell you for now. 


I also came back as I needed to print of the advice so far.

Edited by momma
extra info
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Thank you for the update.

I understand that you have issues but frankly a quick post saying that you are now okay would have been appreciated by people who are taking an interest in you.

We don't ask for any money here – and we really get very little – but we become personally invested in the stories people tell us and very often in the people themselves.

That means that – we care.

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I know you care otherwise you would not interact with me, but to say by the end of it I was so traumatised I could not even call either of my children who only live 2 miles away.


They had unsealed my letterbox to put their hands through probably looking for a door key, and then went down the drive and were bashing or kicking a panel between the garage and conservatory to try to get into the back as he has keys to the conservatory still. He did not leave them when he left.


I have just finished a police report and they will, within the next 48 hours go and see him and his wife.


Sorry, but very tired and tearful. I need to go and rest for a while.

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Well I'm sorry to sound unsympathetic – but if you give us a fright like that again, then I think that we are owed at least a couple of words of reassurance. You did visit the forum last night after 10 o'clock and again twice this morning

Have you written the letter that we have suggested including the snagging list, the questions over their FENSA registration, insurance – et cetera?

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Also, I asked you yesterday for the name of the company and I think that you should now tell us. I have held back from asking you which is against my normal practice because it generally speaking helps a great deal to have people's names exposed on this forum.

However, I now think that it is in your interests that you tell us exactly the name of the company you are dealing with.

I would also suggest that you now call out a locksmith and have the lock of the conservatory changed. I would suggest that you do this immediately.

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Other than as I explained I visited this morning to print of the advice. Don't remember visiting it twice other than to do that. I also explained that I couldn't get a coherent report to post, and I was dealing with priorities that needed dealing with before I came back and explained what I could to you.


Last night? don't recall than to shut down computer and forum may have been refreshed during this time.


I have to say, that at this moment and last night if I accidentally visited the forum, my needs and feeling come well above your need to know what is happening. I hope you never find yourself, extremely unwell and subjected to that abuse and feel that your first priority is to contact a forum rather than think about contacting your family and taking care of yourself.

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Momma, seriously,  don't worry about us here.

BankFodder can be a bit harsh and rough around the edges sometimes, but he means well and always has best intentions. 

So forget about it and come back when you need help.

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You haven't addressed my question as to the identity of the company

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