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Feels like someone is trying to get money by lying!

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I would like some information, if anyone knows.


My father received a phone call out of the blue from his nieces estranged husband, who he has not seen or spoken to for probably 8 years. 

The long and short of it is, he married my cousin to stay in the country and they were together for about 6 years, although he returned to his country for about 2 years when their daughter was about a year old. 


He has now contacted my father with a story about sending off my cousins and his daughters passport to the home office, and the home office stating that he has a British passport but they have lost it and his leave has run out and he needs money for a solicitor although he did not state this in so many words. 

The family know that he is lying but I just need clarify some information.  


1.  Is it correct, that in order for him to obtain Leave to Remain, he would need to provide proof that he is still in a relationship with my cousin (she has a home in just her name provided by the Local Authority)


2.  As he states that his Leave has run out, I am assuming that he had Discretionary Leave to Remain with no recourse to public funds.

Would he need to proof that he is working and would not revert to relying on the public purse if he was granted Leave to Remain?


3.  Would he require the services of a Solicitor to act for him when he puts in an application for his Leave to Remain application?


Answers anyone please?

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If he has a British passport (“the home office stating that he has a British passport”) his leave will not have run out as he would have citizenship/be naturalised.

If he does not have a British passport, and his leave is about to expire he would of course need to apply for the appropriate visa.  If he is estranged from your cousin, he could not apply under that basis as it would – based on being estranged from her– be untrue. It is not really possible to answer (2) or absent knowing his status now or his immigration history.

In answer to (3), this is a judgment call. He would need to know what he was applying for.  Some people have the competence and confidence to complete the forms, draft a suitable covering letter and supply appropriate evidence to support their application, some do not.   

In England advise is a verb (a doing word) advise/advising/advised, advice is a noun. I might ask for advice or give advice.


The same with license (verb) license/licensing/licensed, but one would have a driving licence (noun).

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Thank you for this information richard_se11.


Background information is that he is a Nigerian national with a Nigerian passport (he mentioned that to my dad about his passport).  He was originally in a detention centre in Doncaster prior to meeting up with a 'pastor' who then discussed his situation regarding entry to the UK and being able to stay. This is where my unwitting cousin comes in.  She was wined and dined, got married in Doncaster although she lives in south east london .  As far as I am aware, he does not have a British passport and he did state that his leave has run out.  His mention of having a passport that the Home Office states they have lost, we know is not plausible. If the Home Office lost your passport, they can easily replace it therefore we know that his leave must have run out which is why he needs the money. 


I really think he is trying to get money out of my father for this which is not a small amount. 

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