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LanternUK - Vivus Debt letter received

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Hi All,


I am after some advice,


last week I received an email from LanternUK chasing a debt from 2013.

I didn't recognise the debt until I done some searches on my email and it looks like this was purchased from Vivus Loans.

I sent them a formal request for information as I had no knowledge


they have returned to me today with the details including Loan Date, Original Due date etc.

I have tried to match this to closed records on my credit file and I am unable to find this. 


After getting this loan I entered into a payment plan with all debts and I consolidated them into single payments which have now all been cleared,

in 2017 I was contacted by payplan to be advised that payments had started to be returned and they were unable to have contact with Vivus.

At the time I thought it was cleared and that was the end of it.

During the period of me paying into the payment plan I received 2 offers from MMF to settle In 2016 and in November 2014 I received a letter which I responded to and advised they must contact payplan as payments are being sent to clear this debt. 


Fast forwarded to 2018 I have settled all debts during a process to buy a house, I was monitoring my credit score and accounts closely and have not seen this debt appear on my report in the last 5 years at least.


They are now emailing as they do not have my current address and I have received the below email. 


My question is how is it best I respond to this email? From my understanding this was being paid off. I would love for some advice if anyone can help?




Thank you for your recent communication. The information you have requested is detailed below:


Vivus.co.uk Payday Loans

A/c no:


Loan Date:


Original Due Date:


Original Loan Value:


We trust that you will now be able to arrange payment of this account. The easiest way to do this is to visit our self-service portal at: www.lanternuk.com/account. This is a secure environment where you can make a payment, set a plan, or even make a settlement offer. You will also be able to request a call back or send us a message. If you prefer, you can also call us on 0113 887 6876 to discuss your options.

We look forward to hearing from you within the next 7 days.

Information pertaining to this account may be registered with credit reference agencies and may be used by future lenders, landlords and employers and may affect your ability to secure credit in the future.




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shame you blindly paid several? PDL's off

you could have most probably got some refunds or atleast got discounts if you'd gone down the irresponsible lending complaint route with each one!


esp if you had numerous loans and your credit file was shot at the time of takeout.


send them a CCA request. BY ROYAL MAIL!!


this not only stops a backdoor CCJ which they will go for, as MMF always do if you don't inform them in writing of your current address.

it also puts them to strict legal proof to produce enforceable paperwork,

which going by their track record here they usually have difficultly in doing.






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It is interesting you say that as I was looking to potentially open up complaints for irresponsible lending with a number of payday loan companies, I firmly believe I was able to get a large number of loans without any sort of credit check being completed. Is it not possible if you have cleared the debt?


I will sort the CCA letter and hope it resolves the matter.

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you can still send irl complaints even if a loan has been paid off.




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They were chasing me for a Vivus loan from 2013.


They had been claiming I took out a £300 loan and owed over £400. I looked into my own records and found a credit agreement for only £150.


I made a complaint to them and they said they were told when they bought the account it was a £300 loan, but they couldnt find the credit agreement.


They agreed to write off the debt and refunded me payments I made in 2014.


Their credibility on vivus loans is completely shot. If they were a moral company they would have stopped pursuing these accounts. 

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Hi, I followed the CCA request advice and I have provided them my new postal address.


I recently realised I have heard nothing back from them.


Is this an issue or is it them just trying to blank everything and will do a backdoor CCJ? 

Should they not send me confirmation that they are not proceeding as they do not have the credit agreement? 



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As long as they have your addressed  they can't


So no cca = no pay!!


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