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What happens when your banned from Waitrose?

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I did something INCREDIBLY stupid today and I will never do it again. Mark my words....

I tried to walk out of Waitrose today with a pizza.


It was stupid and wasn't worth it.


The store detective walked up to me and asked me to come back to the store.


I was so embarrassed and I couldn't look anyone in the eye.


Luckily no one knew me.


They took me to the back room and took a picture of me and gave me letter. I didn't sign a single thing.


Just got a firm warning and basically a slap on the wrist. I'm still shocked but I just feel so ridiculously stupid.


I work a full time job and a generally a well respected individual. I have NEVER done this before. I feel dirty and stupid.


What happens now? Will I get a court order? or more information? I'm just scared and have no idea what this means or may do.....


how many years will I be banned with Waitrose they didn't say?




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Hello and welcome to CAG.


If you hear from anybody it won't be the courts or the police so don't worry about that. Could you scan up the letter they gave you after removing your personal details please?


You may get letters from a firm like Retail Loss Prevention, I'm not sure who Waitrose use. You need to read around our shoplifting forum to see previous cases. I don't think this will cause you long term problems but if you receive letters then come back here and tell us what they say, then we'll advise you what to do.


The important thing now is to focus on you and why you did this. It could be that you need a chat with your GP tp understand what is going on with you. They won't judge you and will have seen the same problem before.


And it's important not to do this again because next time it could be the police who are involved.


Best, HB



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Illegitimi non carborundum




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just keep away for a few months

its not circulated so just avoid that one store for a while


please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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Thank you for your help.


I really appreciate your help with this.


I'm struggling with mental issues and evidently need to work on my impulsive nature.


I've never done this before and its my first time.


Never again, its just a disgusting feeling.



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If you're struggling then as I said, speak with your GP and maybe get some counselling to help you through this. Please just try to control impulses on taking things that you haven't paid for.



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