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    • Thanks for your help, Dx. CRS are currenly acting on behalf of their 'Client' so it looks like they're trying to pull a fast one! Thank you!
    • Hi everyone, I live in a flat with family,  my wife and two very young daughters,      baby aged 3 weeks and little girl 15 months,    live in flat that is above a shop premises,  which is a Beauty Beauty Lounge. We have complained about breathing in vapors and fumes from the shop below to the business owner,   since she recently moved in,    but she denies using any strong chemicals or solvents,    even though she clearly advertises Nail, Hair, Spray Tans treatments etc. We have to endure headaches,   and itchy eyes due to there fumes that smell like strong solvents and ammonia smells,   which you can feel in your chest. We know that she does acrylic nails treatments (Acrylic solvents),   spray tans (Dihyroxyacetone),  hair treatments (Hair Dye and Perming Lotions etc), lip fillers, that are advertised,  and other hush hush cosmetic procedures. The business is permitted under a low impact classification etc,    but she is using all the basement rooms as treatment rooms,    not as storage as they apparently supposed to be,,     the shop at ground level,,,   she rents out various positions,   making it really busy at times.   She calls herself a practitioner,  like a doctor,   does this contravene the premises use classification ? The business apparently has no waste collection whatsoever,,   all waste chemicals go straight down the sinks and drains,   sharps and bio waste she most likely dumps in her household waste. She opens up in the morning usually about 9:30 am,    and stays open until late at night,    closing at sometimes 10 pm or so. All the while that she is open,    she has music playing constantly,   which we can hear in every room and can't get away from it in our living accommodation,    and is becoming a real nuisance. We are worried about the long term effects of breathing in these fumes as she has no extraction at all,  but fear that if fume extraction is put in,   that we would still be affected in the summer when the windows are open. Also we are worried about the fire risk,   as she has no fire extinguishers or fire alarm.   Then there is the question of how flammable chemicals are stored,   and what leakage measures she has.    We have only one exit,   though the kitchen,   and have to vacate down a wooden staircase,   with this underneath,  it is a constant worry. Her fire exit also comes through our basement that we use as a utility room,   which has no ceiling,  just bare wooden joists etc,  with no exit lighting or proper exit door.   I have also asked her on a number of occasions,    if she could turn down the Bass on her music,    that she has going BOOM BOOM BOOM,  usually from about 9:30 am,   until late about 8/9 pm, sometimes later. Her verbal reply was basically,   it's a beauty salon,,   what do you expect,    her text reply below, "to be quite frank I'm getting sick of it now I'm running a business and you live above a shop... your complaining about noise on a Saturday afternoon. I'm legally allowed to play music from 7am to 11pm." Sometimes,   its like a party downstairs,   and she is running her venue it like that, with celebration drinks for clients and friends. This is totally unacceptable and impossible to live with.   The letting agent says it is a Civil Matter,   and there is nothing that they can do.   The landlord has replied,    through the letting agents,   and said,   I'm not sure what I can do but talk to his commercial tenant in the shop,   which doesn't sound like he is bothered or taking it very seriously at all. Please can you advise us asap,,    as we are really struggling living with these problems.  
    • easily undone. and free I can do it for you.   can you post up a screenshot photo of what you are seeing that prevents you from accessing the PC use PDF only please read upload   dx  
    • Idem also sent me an envelope that was an inch thick supposedly full of documents that they were going to use as evidence against me ........   everything you mentioned in post 155 was there on paper according to idem and now that they have the evidence it would be better for both parties to avoid court and for me to sign up for a Tomlin order.  After going through the documents apart from all the paper work that was printed out from idems own network, there was no   Signed agreement No valid default notice No termination notice No statements from HSBC No notice of assignment As dx has stated in the post above, it is all designed to lead you into a panic and agree a payment plan with them and avoid court.    
    • the debt is statute barred   only the debt owner can issue a letter of claim or a court claim. via a solicitor original creditors do not do court.   dx  
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So say...


This was a moment of very poor judgement on my part and one which I am very embarrassed about. 



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