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Hi Looking for advice. Any given would be most appreciated


Basically i started working in a call centre two years ago, July 17, and i was told that it would be on a self employed basis. I have never been self employed before and wasnt sure what to do nor was i given any advice by the company providing the work. It is outbound cold calling @ 6 pound an hour (below minimum wage) with bonuses based on sales.


Prior to starting this role i was on universal credit for a while and i stayed on it when i started the role, initiallly with the intention of seeing how things panned out. I didnt come off universal credit until just before xmas last year. I have never been registered as self employed


Basically I am not sure what to do, i want to start doing things correctly. Should i simply register as self employed from now. I am not sure what the procedures are. I dont even think i should be self employed from what ive been reading online?


i am totally confused. tried calling the helpline but they confused me even more if im honest

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basicaslly you are being lied to and robbed blind. you are not self employed.

Now the MW can include extras like tips and bonuses but you should still get a minimum of  the MW regardless.

What do you want from us? We can suggest that you dob in the company to HMRC and the DWP for breaking the law but undoubtedly you will be out of a job as soon as they get the knock at the door.

What do your payslips say on them? You may be better asking the DWP/HMRC for clarity on whether your NI contributions are being paid and allocated.

Any company that breaks one employment law will disregard others as well, that is why they get the contracts from companies they peddle stuff for, they are cheaper than a business that complies with the rules and regs.


Look for another job and then go after them once you have one for backpay, holiday pay etc is my best advice

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