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    • I cant help thinking that if we had to complete a questionaire that asked if you were "physically able bodied" before you were interviewed then this would be classed as discriminative.   Yet you can be asked to explain a gap in employment and that this is not classed as discriminative to people who may have had a mental breakdown.   Ok on this occasion I had taken a work break, if thay had asked a bout a break I had taken 10 years earlier then it would have been a different story as I had suffered depression and anxiety at that time.   It just seams to me that it puts people who have had a mental health issue at a disadvantage.      
    • I am just outside of the HS" zone for compulsory purchase. However,I put my house up for sale 4 weeks ago, and have had 2 viewers. Both said they like the house but the threat of HS2 having framework across the road put them off buying my house.    I am aware that I can take HS2 to court and get the court judge to (hopefully),force HS2 to purchase my house at market value under the Blight Order.    How do I go about starting the process?. Which court would the case go to?. Am i best enlisting a claims specialist with success in this field?.    The estate agent who my house is on the market with has told me that they have the feedback documentation from the 2 viewers testifying that HS2 put them off buying my house, so they would be available to the court.    Apparently there has already been 1 successful case on my street, and 1 two streets down, and there is another case on my street going through the court.    Any help, laws,quotes etc would be greatly appreciated.
    • Hi HubbaLoo and welcome to CAG   It's no surprise that the likes of CARS and Harlands  make far more charging admin fees than they do from taking a small monthly percentage of the gym fees.   It's best to tell CARS your new address - best that you know what they're up to at all times.   Send them a typed letter (no emails for now) saying:-   Dear sir or madam,   Membership at [town/city] DW Gym   My current address is as shown above.   I cancelled my membership when I relocated and supplied details of moving. I do NOT have to supply utility bills etc as demanded from you and will not enter into further correspondence with you.   If you continue to harass me for payments of admin fees, I will make formal complaints to the appropriate authorities.   Yours faithfully.    
    • It is not the DVLA that insist it must be insured, it is s.144A, Road Traffic Act 1988. Off road and SORN is one of the exceptions - s.144B of the same act.
    • Update  Ico and tpos are both useless Martin quinn has said to them that the signature on the tenancy agreement is diffrent and neither have asked for proof  The police have not given me an update on the supposed burglary or speakers that went missing that the man n van was meant to deliver  even after asking 9 times so now I'm trying to put pressure on them to tell me why they wont    I'm also going to try and get him under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 as what he has done is a criminal offence
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Range Rover. Jordan Motors House Ltd.

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Hi ,

I purchased a second hand Range Rover 2004 plate 80,000 miles on clock for £5995 on the 4th july 2019.


Car drove fine until the 3rd August lost all power and water leaking from the radiator called  breakdown company to be told battery had gone.

Jumped started home,


emailed dealership that night ,

there was problem asking to contact me ASAP.


Sunday the 4th August 2019 received a phone call to say that it was Sunday and to give him an hour and he would get back to me.

No response all day.


I spent the day trying to get a home delivery of Battery but on one had one.

Booked a home visit for the Monday.

Still no contact from the dealership.


Contacted the warranty company by email as the site said to log the claim of the faults and waited for contact.


In the meantime took the car to my local garage for a free holiday check to be told about these problems.

N/S/R & O/S/R tyres on the wrong way 

Rear pads 85/90% Worn

Rear Discs Pitted 

Front Brake Pipes Corroded

N/S/F Drop Link Gaiter Loose 

Oil Leak from Engine + Transfer Box Evident

O/S/F outer cv boot leaking

O/S/F window regulator faulty

Hose leaking at rear of engine to radiator

A/C not cold

Rear Washer not working


At the point of sale

,i was told it had been serviced ,

MOT in April

and the  service book was stamped and NONE of these faults mentioned,


please help me to get my money back as i have had to pay out myself as the warranty say its not covered..









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numerous un redacted images posted directly to your post removed.

please read upload and pop them in one multipage PDF file please.


not 100% sure what of those faults would invalidate an MOT ?

poss brake pipe, rear washer? 

the rest are not a fail?


where was that MOT done, any link to the dealership?


also sadly i'd expect most of those onm a rover of that age, hence the warranty will state fair wear and tear for the age of vehicle.


lets see your uploads first.


now if you'll get anything back as you've already paid out, is completely another matter and if you ever could say through litigation, is an ever great risk.





please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

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The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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Please will you tell us the name of the Dealer.

also please could you explain why you have paid an extra £1,400 or so. This is not at all clear.

apart from any of the obvious MOT issues, it seems to me that this car is unroadworthy within the meaning of the road traffic act 1988   and therefore it was it illegal to sell it for you. This on its own is a basis for returning it to the dealer and receiving a full refund plus any associated expenses.

I have very limited internet access at the moment but I will try to give a fuller explanation later.

although you have exceeded the 30-day right to reject the vehicle under the Consumer rights act, you are still well within the 6 months right to reject although you must give them an opportunity to carry out a repair.

However, as I have already said it seems that they may have sold you a vehicle which is in unroadworthy condition and I would say gives you an outright right to reject and to receive a full refund plus any associated expenses.

Please monitor this thread for a fuller reply later





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I've managed to managed to get some access to the Internet now and I'm a bit surprised that you have not posted any response. It seems to me that this is a reasonably urgent matter.

If you want to benefit from our advice then you will need to engage with this thread.

You have set out a list of faults that were apparently discovered by a garage. Have you got this list in writing from them? Or is this something they gave you verbally?

Please follow the following link and have a close read of the relevant section https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1988/52/section/75 which relates to some basic features of a vehicle which would automatically make it unroadworthy.

It seems to me that some of the items which you have listed would be covered by the requirements in section 75 of the 1988 Act. If this is the case then you would have a right to return the vehicle and also you should be considering making a complaint that they have acted unlawfully and have supplied you with the vehicle in a dangerous/unlawful condition.

I asked you in my earlier post to tell us who the dealer is but you haven't responded.

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“Local garage does a free check and finds lots of things to replace on a 15 year old



I’d be amazed if there WASN’T anything wrong with a fifteen year old Range Rover. 


The car lost all power and leaked water and you was told the battery had gone? Who was the breakdown driver, Stevie Wonder?


Most of the items on that list are “nice to haves” stuff like cold air conditioning and working window regulators and it’s possible that items like brake pipes and pads would pass an MOT (but show up as an advisory) so how much of that deems the car unroadworthy would be subjective. 


I’d be more interested in the loss of power and water leaking than thin brake pads and pitted discs. You’d have a stronger case with the cause of needing a recovery truck rather than what a local garage would like to charge you a small fortune to replace (that might not need replacing) 


With respect, surely you knew what you was getting yourself into, buying a 15 year old car for approximately a twentieth of its original value. 


Anyway, what was the cause of the breakdown initially? Batteries don’t cause a sudden loss of power and water leaks! 

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Still no response so far from the OP

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Reply appreciate your help, hope you received my last note i sent earlier tonight.

Just wondering the best way to proceed with my claim against the garage.Is it by recorded letter or a phone call.?



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I'm sorry but I haven't received any note. If you have some comments to me then please will you post them on this thread because this whole matter must be conducted in public.

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Sorry been out the loop had no interenet,just catching up.Thank you for all your help o far.What do you advise now please

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Please will you start off by addressing the questions which I have asked in a previous post

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Hi,sorry .The Gararge is called Jordan Motors House Ltd.

Is there any thing else you would like to know?

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Hi BankFodder,


I paid for the repairs because the garage i took it took didnt except payment from warranty companies and as i had contacted the warranty company i was expecting them to pay me.


Also after speaking to the owner of the garage on the Sunday morning telling him about the faults i was expecting him to HELP and sort the problems as i had already explained that i was stranded without a car.


After the garage had looked at the car and told me about the faults and put them in writing i wrote to the dealership telling them about the faults and still no help.#


As i work most days 12/13hrs it is very difficult to talk on the phone during office hours.


The garage i use  i have been useing for over 20years and they are very good.I know it wasnt just a sales job for them it was because there were faults.


I have now recieved an email from the dealership saying they knew nothing about the problems and if i had they would have helped.


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Hi Bank Fodder,

Just to let you know i wrote to Jordan motors about the faults and he is denying  any of the faults as well as my emails and letters.

I think it's down to the small claims court unless you have any other great help.

Thank you so far .


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Hi M&M.


Can you tell us exactly what the dealer said please?



Illegitimi non carborundum




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Hi HB,

The letter reads,

I am very sorry for the stress this must have put you under,we are very aware of trading standards and the customer rights.You have 30 days to return the car and after that it is down to the seller to refund or fix.

At no point did i make contact with us the business .If i had they would have paid.


This is not true i emailed and spoke to the owner.

Hi HB,

I forgot to say letter is not dated or signed.


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