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hi! I'm back again.


I've had a court phone meditation and the bank was only interested in me dropping my claim

no issue to resolve

not even a reasonable goodwill gesture.


They said if I don't drop my claim it would cost me a lot of money.

I told the mediation officer

" I'm claiming for 4 PPI policies not 1 policy that they seem to think I'm claiming". 


the bank is playing dumb and don't seem to be acknowledging  the other 3.


When I filed a MCOL claim I only gave very brief detail and quoted a ref number A7480588


this was a mortgage claim number but was also used to bring up the other 3  PPI policies on their computer system


this number was quoted on some of their letter headings when writing to me about all 4 policies.


The solicitor is going to strike out my claim as it is not particularised and other issues. A lot of inaccurate information has been said, 


I first put a claim for PPI by post on behalf of next of kin  in Nov 18 and got a undated with no ref number fob of letter recorded delivery with the death certificate and PPI policy details in Dec 18.


When not hearing anything after  3 months I phoned the PPI department  in March 19 and they had no record of it I think they were lying.


They told me to go to my local branch and file a PPi complaint there.

We duly did and gave the bank manager details and various forms of ID.


The next of kin still banks with the same bank and still has the same account number where the deceased was paying for the loans into this account number. but obviously his name has been dropped from the account  why they keep wanting all this ID is crazy,


in the end after keep getting letters and phoning up telling them we haven't got the type of ID'S they want and keep going up the bank with other forms of ID that the PPI team said would be OK.


My 82 old mother had to apply for a driving licence for the first time that's the reason for the delay.


After all this and getting the driving licence endorsed by a solicitor they went quiet again.


when waiting for ages we phoned to find out what was going on and they said they were paying out for 1 policy and closed the others down.


when I question why" they said had you not received any letters" I said no then the guy said ok we will open them back up again and you will hear from us in 14 days.


The 14 days past 21 days passed and I had enough and took out a court claim.



img20191107_13035382.pdf img20191107_12414415.pdf img20191107_12414415.pdf

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