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ASDA - Misleading Advertising and Breach of GDPR?

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I am very upset with Asda for possible  misleading practices, misleading advertising and possible breach of the GDPR, and how they handle customer complaints. 


Asda is pushing '£20-off on your first online shop if you spend £50 or more' vouchers for first time shoppers. Encouraged by this I opened my online Asda account, shared my personal and private information that I would not have otherwise done, added the voucher onto my account (which was accepted onto my Asda account) and invested several hours into putting my basket together and trying to understand their website. I have a disability so this process takes longer for me. If it wasn't for the voucher, I would not have done those things. 


When I tried to check-out,the Asda system was not taking off the £20 discount. Because the voucher was already accepted onto my Asda account and on my account it stated I had to "Add" the voucher at check out, I kept on thinking that I was at fault and continued  going in circles like a fool on Asda's website to try and figure out how to further add this voucher at checkout. In the end I called customer services, which I think went to India. Another half an hour wasted on the phone. Ultimately I was informed that my post code is not covered. This was not indicated anywhere throughout the online process, even when the voucher got accepted onto the system and was 1ublished on my Asda account. At this stage most people would continue with their purchase as they invested so many hours into getting the basket together, so Asda's misleading advertising would bring in new customers. However, I can't eat food from the store that is tricking people for profit, I find that unpalatable. 


Because I was clearly mislead, I asked the customer services to log a formal complaint. I was transferred to some sort of department (they spoke good English), they said there is nothing they can do about this and they will not be taking this complaint any further and that this was their formal complaint response. I asked Asda to send me the complaint response in writing they refused. I insisted that I wanted the complaint response in writing because I am registered disabled and I take heavy medication and I might not be able to remember everything correctly the next day, so I don't want to misinterpret Asda's response. They refused and hung up on me. I can't help but feel that there is some discrimination going on here against customers with certain disabilities. 


I am absolutely furious that this can go on in a country like the UK, and stores like Asda do whatever they want without any accountability. 




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can you poit us in the direction of where the offer is advertised so we can have a look?

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Is it this one?

ASDA Discount

if so it has a list of post codes at the bottom and says selected postcodes at the top. 


You should however ever be able to have your data deleted on request

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