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Eon Breaching contract

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In October 2016 I returned to Eon after being with another company briefly on a Smart prepayment meter (Utilita) .

I had at this stage no debt to any utility company and Eon made several courtesy calls to lure me back as a customer.


I was asked why I left I explained that I need to be able to top up both my Gas and my Electricity from my phone

that leaving the house was sometimes difficult due to my ill health and that I am single with 2 young children one of which is disabled.


I was promised prepayment smart meters fitted and my original welcome contract states prepayment gas and electricity.

Eon immediately came out to the meters I am unsure exactly what they did to them and I awaited smart meters fitting.


In December 2016 I received a bill with a manageable amount attached

I telephoned Eon and stated that my meters had not been fitted.


I recieved letter stating that I wasn't topping up my gas meter

so again I contacted them telling them I had no meters to top up.


In May 2017 Eon sent out a Gas engineer to install a meter

he installed a card prepayment meter


I explained to this man I was supposed to have smart meters

he placed a classic meter back in but not the original one he took out.

He failed to tell them the new meter serial number so this did not match up when I complained about a massive bill


I have spent the past 3 years battling this,

I have never stopped Eon from conducting their business

but I am now in over £6,000 of debt because they don't attend appointments for installation

they are adding field agent fees onto this

have apparently applied for a warrant despite this already being listed as a case with the Ombudsmen.


I have read their statement to the Ombudsmen and they have blatantly lied

stating that I was abusive to a field agent when I have never seen one at all.


They have failed to follow up on 2 complaints I have made regarding the changing of my gas meter

they had no idea it had been changed I received a bill stating my estimated use was £600 and within a quarter I owed in excess of £2000 .


I have all the original paperwork, the letters and appointments that have or have not been attended.

They failed to fit the prepayment meters and now they are twisting this tale to make me appear like I am to blame for their mistakes. 


I have every household bill for my home since 2007 and even the figures they are providing do not add up to my previous usage.


The gas bill is a ridiculous amount considering I only run my heating and hot water on gas with bare minimum use during summer months for only heating hot water.

Can anyone offer any advice.



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First of all, please send Eon an SAR. Send it by first class post recorded delivery and send it on Monday.

Secondly, you need to make a detailed log of everything that happened so far including broken appointments et cetera.

It will be important to build up a complete file of information so that we all have a picture of what has happened so that we can advise further action.

You may well find that an Eon customer service rep will visit this thread and may be asked you to contact them. That will be all well and good – but keep in contact with this thread and with this forum and keep us appraised as to what is happening. Don't make any deals or accept any negotiation with EON until you are completely satisfied that it has solve the situation and I suggest that you let us know what is going on at all times.  Part of the EON customer representatives job will be to get you away from social media so that they can try and deal with it out of the public limelight. Keep control of the issue and keep posting here. Your best support is with us.

By and large, EON are another overlarge energy company and once they go wrong, they seem incapable of sorting out the problems they cause.

Keep us very closely informed and generally speaking follow our advice closely and hopefully we will see you out of this problem. You may well find that you have to threaten and then bring a legal action against them. We will help you through this. It's pretty easy although you will have to do some reading and then the steps.

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Thank you so much I will do as you have advised, I will send the letter. 


I have already refused to speak to Eon on the telephone as they have tried to suggest that I have made no attempts to contact them for 2 years, which again is another fabrication.


The 2 separate complaints I made to them personally where I was promised that there would be some resolution haven't exactly been ignored they did send me letters stating it was being looked at but failed to do anything further.


They are aware I suffer with ill mental health and have a disabled child as I was placed onto a disabled customer group where they are supposed to look after you.


I am not mentally ill, that I do not have all my faculties straight.


I just feel like they are severely bullying me when all I asked for in the beginning was a meter that they did not fit.


I am suffering C-PTSD due to Stalking and have my house fully surrounded by CCTV , but the thought of strangers entering my property when there is no need because my gas and electric boxes are on the outside is causing me a severe relapse in my recovery

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Read our customer services guide and implement the advice there. Then by all means speak to them on the telephone because you never know what snippets you might pick up – but don't commit yourself to anything. Don't agree to anything. Keep control of the phone call and treat it simply as something that you are using to get information and not to cooperate with them in any way.

But you must implement the advice in our customer services guide always

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Keep close notes of everything that has happened. I suggest that you get yourself a special exercise book. Keep a log retrospectively and keep a note of everything that happens in the future.

Implement our customer services guide

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You asked that I explain in more detail and this is what I managed to do for you so far.


September 2016 I am with a Energy Company called Utilita on a prepayment smart meter which I top up using my mobile phone


August/September 2016 I recieved 2 or 3 courtesy calls from my previous energy company E.on asking if there is anything they could do so I will return to them as a customer.


In October 2016 I owed nothing to E.on, Utilita or any other Energy Company


October 2016 I sign back up to E.on after a lengthy telephone call for prepayment Dual fuel and I am told I am eligible for Smart meters in my area these will be fitted. 


I will point out that I suffer from ill mental health and live alone with 2 children under 8 years old one of whom is registered as disabled.


We had learnt that our local shopping complex was due to be closed and accessing shops to top up Gas and Electricity was already causing me a problem.


Being a new lone parent managing a small amount of money from benefits paid on 3 different days of the week was also a problem often causing me to top up smaller amounts each pay day 

( hence one of my reason for exchanging from E.on to Utilita in the first place ,


The other reason being that previously E.on had attached a £1000 debt belonging to someone else to my prepayment meter with them, when I was like I said already struggling financially causing  me to query on why I was topping up so many times and with so much money and it was only this query that identified this debt and a refund sent by cheque to me  ) 


October 2016 I received 2 welcome letters signing me up to the Dual fuel with prepayment 


October 2016 almost immediately an E.on representative comes out to adjust or change my meters outside the property so that I no longer top up my fuel with Utilita on my phone, he tells me to unplug my Utilita smart meter in my home.

(I was told this had to happen prior to E.on fitting their own smart meters in my Sign up call) 


October 27th 2016 I received a prepayment gas card

( this confused me slightly but I thought it was an error so therefore I still have the letter with this card attached to it) 


December 2016 I received papers energy Bill's this was my first point of contact by telephone.

I called and told them I received these Bill's but my meters haven't been fitted.

I was apologised to and told this would be done and an appointment would be sent out to me.


February 2017 I received letters asking why I wasn't topping up my prepayment gas meter, triggering my second point of calling. I explained how was I supposed to top up a Gas meter I had not got, again told appointment to fit meters would be arranged and sincere apologies.


April 2017 I received letters stating they would be fitting my meters at which stage I was quite euphoric.


May 19th 2017 I initially missed the gas engineer ( with absolutely no warning on him visiting this day ) and arrived about 5 minutes after he posted the missed you calling card ( which I still have ) luckily he was still parked outside my property.

He came to my home and at this point and since October 2016 I  had just classic Gas and Electricity meters.


The engineer removed my classic Gas meter, he installed a prepayment card meter and came into my property in front of 2 independent witnesses and asked me if I had a Gas card.


I explained to him I was supposed to be being fitted with Smart meters that I can pay from an app not using a card.


The Engineer went back outside and took out the prepayment meter he had just fitted and installed another classic gas meter but this was not the same one he had removed.


He gave me a card with the meter numbers written on it ( which I still have) and said he or another engineer would be back to fit my smart meter.


My next bill was catastrophic £2000+ my expected use for gas was projected to be over £5000.


I must point out the only thing in my home connected to gas is my condenser gas boiler which is quite modern and heats my 3 bedroomed semi- detached house and heats my water.

Previously my yearly Gas use was below £600.


I called E.on for the third time to complain and queried my bill.

I was promised a call back which never came.


I am a victim of Stalking and in March 2018 My House landline phone was changed to protect my safety.


E.on were aware of the stalking as I discussed this with them in regards to the safety of my account and access being denied to my then Husband. (Advised by My Specialist Stalking Advocate)


Up until this point E.on had my  landline Telephone number and made absolutely no attempt to contact me at all.


Admittedly during this time frame Oct 2015- present date I have been very ill and dealing with Hospital, assisting the police, and many Court hearings.


October 2018 I wasn't at home and E.on sent a debt field agent to my home.

As I was not in the house he left a letter and I made contact with him.


Initially they said the cost of this visit would be £55 but when I started explaining this whole situation I was passed from person to person eventually making a full complaint.


I asked them to send me any correspondence in writing because during this complaint I realised that they were stating they had no records of any call I had made.


Upon trying to discuss my meter I was made to go retrieve meter numbers from my Gas meter and these did not match up with the meter number that E.on had on record.


Within my complaint I fully explained that the meter had been changed by the engineer who visited and my Gas bill did not reflect my previous use it had jumped from approximately £600 to over £2000 in a couple of months.


It was very clear to me that they had made a grave error.

I explained during this complaint that nobody had been out from the start to fit my smart meters.


During this call or any other complaint have E.on told me my home was not suitable for Smart meters nor has E.on ever been out to personally check whether or not my property is suitable.


November 2018 they changed me from a prepayment tariff  to another tariff without my permission or consent 


During this time I have received cheques for money back for having prepayment gas and electricity from them.


I have lost my warm home discounts as I applied for them and was sent the paperwork out but I was unable to attend the post office to top up an electricity key that I don't have to top up a meter they haven't fitted ( I have these warm home vouchers and further letters stating I will lose them if I don't take them to the post office within a certain time frame)


April 2019 I made yet another complaint to E.on via email I received a letter to state that it was being looked at and heard nothing.


July 2019 I was at an appointment and my friend called me to say there was an E.on signed van outside my home.

I explained to her this was another guy they are going to charge me £55 to come out.


My friend went to the door, the male field agent was bent down inspecting the electricity meter, 

He asked her "Are you Zoe", she never got chance to say no she didn't answer that question at all.


She asked him "Are you the guy they charge £55 to send out"

She states he had a letter for me attached to his clipboard


He said "well I am here to try to discuss the money that you owe E.on "

She replied " You won't be discussing anything at all with me " 


Still not giving her a chance to state why, he became more abrupt in his manner and attitude my friend told him

"Why don't you just fit the meters like you were asked to in the first place" 

He replied but my friend can't recall exactly what he said to her she said he was very arrogant.


She said to him " She'll see you in court" and closed the door 

( This was recorded onto the hard drive of my CCTV which surround my property)


E.on have issued a response to the Ombudsmen stating they have notes from a field agent stating I was verbally abusive to him.


July 2019 I raised a case with the Energy Ombudsmen.


I am receiving threats of E.on applying to Magistrates to obtain a Warrant of Entry 


I have sent 3 separate Emails to E.on directly and telephoned them.


During my call to E.on I said that I have an ongoing case with the Ombudsmen.

The woman who answered was so rude and said

" So what you calling us for if you have a case with the Ombudsmen" ( not going to lie I lost my cool) and swore because to E.on this is some sort of sick game of them making many many mistakes and I am paying the price literally with their excuses and now their lies.


They have told the Ombudsmen that I made no contact for 2 years 


They have said that I was still attached to Utilita on prepayment meters both Gas and Electric until their Engineer came out in April 2017 .


( I didn't have prepayment meters with Utilita and the Engineer that came out in May 2017 only touched the Gas meter nobody has touched the Electric meter since October 2016) 


they state they have nothing on record that I signed up for Smart meters.

That I can not have smart meters because the signal is poor at my address.

And that they're going to get a warrant and want the money.


The money they say I owe that I have also disputed does not add up to my previous usage 

The debt is now almost at £6500 for less than 3 years use.


Previously my Electricity yearly use has been Approximately around £1100 and my Gas £600 all those previous Bill's are on a prepayment tariff for my yearly Bill.


I currently have a folder filled with paperwork which I am sorting through placing all in the correct order all to do with this matter.


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The Ombudsmen service has made a decision.


Please can you advise me of what I am able to do next.


I think the good will payment is pretty much a joke considering that I lost more than that,

just not being able to apply my warm home discounts to my energy account.


I really need to do as much as I can to sort this out before I leave my current address in the next month or so.



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Do I gather that the ombudsman has proposed five remedies in respect of five issues? What do these mean in money terms?

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The whole decision was very long and with a lot of information that is certainly not in most peoples field of knowledge.


I do not agree that they are not in breach of a contract and the fact that E.on now appear to have lost the recorded sign up call and have no knowledge of me asking for smart meters says it all. (Corrupt Company)


I have a PDF file of this decision which I was unable to post publicly but am willing to share privately and I have until the 27th of September to agree, decline or appeal.


I no longer have any fears of them attaching this debt to a prepayment meter and I am not going to be responsible for paying energy at my new address so their ideas of trying to tie me to them forever and a day has just gone straight out of the window for them. 


I believe it will amount to possibly £175 in total possibly £195


I hope this helps 


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