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Spa facilities mis-sold

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HI everyone

New here and just after some advice. so thanks in advance.


Visited a spa on Monday. I've been previously but prices have been hiked after the introduction of a new 'wonder feature:' and infinity pool on the roof which they rave constantly about on their social media pages etc.


Booked on Friday.


Arrived Monday to be told that this facility was out of order and had been for over a week. Asked why i was not informed upon booking as I (genuinely) would have waited and booked in a few weeks time, spending my £107 (!!) when all facilities were working. Duty manager informed me that they were not able to offer compensation. (Translated as 'unwilling' to offer compensation.)


I requested a refund and this was also refused. (Does this not go against consumer rights?)


Was told my only option was to complain to the hotel/spa manager the following day via email. He is calling me back tomorrow but I just want to be sure where I stand.


All over their webpage etc it still says about 'What's included in every spa day,' with the infinity pool being a huge feature.


Are they not guilty of misrepresentation in not making it clear that the facility was unavailable when I made the booking? (It is not just me who experienced this as there are now multiple bad reviews for this reason online- one Tripadvisor review says that she booked the same morning as her visit and was not informed until her arrival either.)


I appreciate that it may seem like 'only one feature' was unavailable, but it is the reason the prices have been hiked so much and I genuinely would not have booked if I had been fully informed.


Thanks for your thoughts






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Posted (edited)

you agreed to pay them for certain facilities and they were unable to offer them to you so you are entitled to a refund if you dont accept what they can offer.

I wouldnt pay £20k for a car that was subsequently sold and accept a bicycle instead, I would want a refund or at least renegotiate the price of the bicycle!


you could make noises about wanting your travel costs back as well. If it is part of a larger chain them get on to the head office and tell them that you agreed  a specific contraqct and dotn accept their right to change this and still expect you to pay for something you couldnt possibly receive. If they say tough you will need to quote the unfair contracts clauses bit of the CRA (s62)

If you pais by card then you do a chargeback vis the bank if they dont see sense. the bank will try and fob you off but stick to your guns and demand the refund and then you will indemnify them if the company want to be stupid

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