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Armtrac ANPR PCN - wrong REG - Sennen Cove Cornwall

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I parked at Sennen Cove car park in Cornwall last week and was issued with a fine for not displaying the ticket by Armtrac who act on behalf of the local authority.

I did purchase a valid ticket including entering my registration number. The ticket probably dislodged from the windscreen due to the wind when the door was shut.

I still have the ticket and it clearly shows a purchase time 45 minutes before the Armtrac issue of a fine.

Do I have grounds to either ignore this excessive fine or mediate the figure as I had purchased a valid ticket with good intention?

Also the car is a company car and if my employer is pressured they will probably pay the fine and then deduct from my pay.

Your help would be appreciated.


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Hello and welcome to CAG.


Could you copy and paste the questions from the forum sticky together with your answers onto your new thread please? This will help the experts to advise you.




Best, HB

Illegitimi non carborundum




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it is NOT A FINE

no where do they nor can they use that word


its a speculative invoice


you have the proof you paid.

safe to ignore EVERYTHING until/unless they get one of the fake paperwork only solicitor to issue a Letter of Claim.


but please complete the link HB gave you.


here are some threads to read so's you are better informed & know.




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they dont work for the local authority either.

What I would do is talk to your employer and tell them tht you will deal with the matter and then take Armtrac on by getting your emplopyer to name you as the driver.

We will need to see the demand sent  and also did they issue a ticket to the driver by slapping one on the vehicle? If so we want to see that as well.

no screen ticket and they have to jump through different hoops to create any liability, let alone keeper liability so your employer most certainly is in the clear and you shoulod be telling them this.

any deduction from pay will be unlawful so let them know this as it isnt a FINE


It may well be worth appealing this one but we will need to see what evidence they ahve that you didnt display a ticket and their photos generally arent uop to scratch as the siganeg that offers the terms of parking wont say the ticket must be displayed in the front windscreen at the top right hand corner. a ;ack of sticky back has lost parking co's court cases where a fallen ticket is the reason for the claim so they will be damned but not necessarily quickly

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