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RCIB insurance and false advertising?

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Absolutely inefficient and fraudulent??


(Charged over £200 on phone for changes which online cost me £10..then they would not let me buy it online because they had already given me their quote!)


They let you buy insurance telling you that it is not valid until they call you.

Then they do not call you.


I was trying to get through to them for a week but every time I called it just kept ringing until it would ring out.

When I finally called another number and got through to a switch phone, she was very rude and until I actually raised my voice she was completely reluctant to help me.


She finally put a message through to a manager to urgently call me back so that I would finally get my insurance.

Then he told me to make a couple of changes because I had made a mistake.


He charged me over 200 pounds for the new premium with the changes I had made.

I declined and went online to find alternative insurance only to find that the same changes online made my premium go up £10!! Not £200!!!

So when they speak to you on the phone they overcharge you! (£190)


I tried to buy the same insurance with the new quote and they said that I could not have it because I was ‘manipulating data to get a better price’!!! which of course is ridiculous because I added a couple of things making the price go up not down!


When I said that I would complain about the company the person refused to give me his name and he put the phone down on me!!


Is this a spoof?

because they charged me £200 on phone for changes worth £10 on the website?

and then intimidation by telling me that i am 'manipulating data'?


Is it also false advertising because they would not sell at the quote advertised on their website?

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You just need to read this and other forums about RCIB.


RCIB are best avoided.


Suggest a complaint to RCIB and if necessary to go to the FOS. There are FCA rules for Insurers. ICOBS. Suggest you research it and quote relevant parts in your complaint.


Arrange your Insurance elsewhere, if not done already.



We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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Read and implement the customer service guide fully and to the letter, then you will be equipped with best evidence to sort them out.

The customer service guide seems to having been written for insurance, so read it.

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