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Anglian Water Debt

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I have complained to Resolver and have been to Citizens Advice.


At the moment I am complaining direct with Anglian Water.

Anglian Water have sent a Spreadsheet concerning a debt which was applied to my daughter's account (almost 1, 500 ) in 2009.

The debt was addressed to my daughter, but it wasn't her Account no.

The debt lay dormant for 2 years then was reintroduced and added to her new account.


In 2012 the debt had increased to almost (4,000 ) had increased to.

My daughter moved to a new property in December 2008 and Anglian Water had been billing her for her old property until September 2009.


They state that she did not inform them that she had moved out.

They said they had no records whatsoever of her new address.


Both are lies, my daughter has a bill and 3 payment booklets for the new address.

My daughter was making payments for the new address at the same time AW were billing her for the old address.


The Account No which the debt was issued wasn't,t my daughter's.

AW then said that due to a system update in 2006 my daughter MAY have been issued with a new one.

As my daughter has mental health issues , she is on benefits.


Between 2013 -2019 my daughter has paid over 3.000 which has been taken at source from her Benefits.

She moved into a new address on December 16th 2013.

The debt wasn't added to her AW account until 21st October 2015.


They said she moved without telling them and they had to trace her.

Which is also a lie as she has all the bills for her new address.


Anglian Water have been taking payments of 50 pound a month as well as an extra one.

In 2013 she paid 720 pound.


What is also something that I never seen before , her Account no for her current address is exactly the same as her old address.

Anglian Water have been taking 13 payments a year for five years.

The debt for five years has remained at over 2.000 pound.

It went down to 1.800 this year.


Anglian water reduced it, they have taken 540 pound it.

My daughter has every bill and letters dating back to 2003.

The spreadsheet is all lies from the start.

It's full of deliberate maladministration and misrepresentation.


I have enough evidence but I need advice as to the best way forward.

I need an independent investigation.


I'm not sure whether to report it as fraud to the police and take it to Court.

My daughter's has been to hell and back with it.


Please Advise me on the best way to get this dealt with.

That debt letter is one of many.

It was issued to her at the same time as all the payments were being taken

Many Thanks





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moved to the utils forum

had to remove your pictures as they are unredacted

please read upload and only use PDF 


its a bit difficult to understand the story 

but ive spaced the post to add paragraphs in

forget resolver its useless

forget CAN they are useless.


have you approached the regulator ofwat?

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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I haven't been to Ofwat yet.

Only because when I went on their website it said that they don't really take on individual complaints.

They said contact Consumer Council for water.


I don't know how good they are.

I tried to sort this out in 2017.

I was treated pretty much as I am being now and I gave up for a while.

This is making my daughter really I'll, so I have to sort it this time.


According to the statements and spreadsheet you would think that my daughter never paid her bills for years.

AW state that she never rang them to inform them that,  she had either moved in or out of a property.


Emma's water bills in a new property all have a carried forward amount from her previous addresses on them, if she hadn't informed them, her bills would start from a nil amounts.


I'm not going to stop until it's sorted out this time.

It's nearly 10 years since it started.


There is something else that I'm not 100% sure about.

AW introduced the debt on the bill for her 3rd property.

Within weeks she was receiving debt letters threatening Court action.

4 debt companies and one from AW.

I thought that a debt company bought bad debts.


I was really surprised when my daughter moved into her current property.

There was a carried forward amount of £4.65 to pay on her previous property..


The first bill for the new property was 27.00.

Fifteen months later and a debt of 2,081p was added to her bill.


I don't know if the debt collector letters were just sent to scare her.

It makes no sense to me that a Company can do this to someone.


We have no confidence in them , yet it's the only water company in our area,


Thank You for responding 

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no a dca can be used to chased for their clients

all totally powerless of couse.


can you do a bullet point timescale please.

the story is very difficult to understand.

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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she should have never set up a DD so she then controlled what money they got. Stop the DD now

It isnt fraud, it is just incompetence and to rectify that she will probably have to sue them for the return of the money owed.

BTW, you can do nothing, it isnt your account. By all means be supportive and do all the research but she has to take control of her own affairs

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I have Authorisation to Act on her Behalf.

It isn't a DD.

She is on ESA due to mental health .

It has been taken at source from her benefits.


When she moved addresses she requested payment booklets to pay her bill until the payments from her benefits were set up. 


1/ She lived at 1st address from 2002 and had a payment plan set up. 


2/ She didn't realise at the time,  she received 2 bills 2007/2008 that her Account no had been changed. As the bill with 2nd account number was an exact copy of her bills under her own account no.


3/ The debt from the new account no lay dormant for a number of years.


4/ In 2013 she made payments totalling nearly £800, at the same time she received 7 bills. All with conflicting amounts and dates. She also received 4 letters from debt collectors threatening court action. She also received 3 threatening letters from Anglian water for an amount of £60, at the same time received another from Anglian water for £2081. 


5/ The debt of £2081 was added to her Anglian Water Account in Feb 2015, as AW insisted that she hadn't informed them when she moved out of her property. If that was the case then how did they manage to send her a letter in 2013 threatening court action over £2081.


6/ It seems that she has two sets of bills , one with and one without the debt.


7/ The account no she has now is the same account number used from her previous property. Which is something I've never heard of before. Especially as the previous property was based on Rateable Value, her new property has an alleged water meter. This is also in dispute.


8// She was told her new property didn't have a water meter, the bill is based on Rateable Value. Her Tenancy Agreement doesn't show a meter. All her bills suggest a water meter is fitted. 


9/ AW have reduced the debt by £540, but having checked all her bills, letters and payments, I don't believe that she should owe anything. I believe that she has overpaid AW a considerable amount. I am currently escalating the complaint for an independent Investigation.


Many Thanks for taking time to respond . 


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Benefit deductions can be for arrears (previous years water debts) and current water usage.


So on the ESA statement it could show say £50 as a deduction, but this could be towards arrears and current water bill.  When Anglian received the £50 it would simply state towards account no. 12345678 and it would be up to Anglian how they applied the £50. I suspect they would apply the amount required towards the current water bill monthly amount and the rest towards arrears.


Anglian should on request provide a full breakdown of the debt owing, as an account showing bills owed and payments received towards the bills.  If they provide a full breakdown in date order, it might be possible to account for any errors.



We could do with some help from you.



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