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    • I had been told you lived in France . My skeletons have been dealt with I think .   You will always be able to find ‘respected’ academics with what I would consider rather strange ideas and misinterpretations as my link showed, 
    • My husband paid a backdoor CCJ sent to a previous address which we could not defend as it was too late before we found out about it from Lowell 😡 I had filled out income & expenditure for that debt and they knew/know I have very little disposable income & they also had my married name and new address. First of all Lowell had joined Aqua and this debt together in March 2019 until July 2019. They have also sent them out individually offering numerous discounts On 15/8/19 received "Letter of Claim" On 27/8/19 SAR...…...VANQUIS BANK... I received documents On 27/8/19 CCA …….LOWELL On 6/9/19 I received a letter from Lowell account on hold whilst client respods A On 7/9/19 I received a letter from Lowell "suspended activity" B On 12/9/19 I sent PAP ticking D and I using forms from here On 29/10/19 letter dated 24/10/19 bundle C and credit card statements   VANQUIS LETTERS.compressed.pdf
    • Yes I spend all my time in the UK – and I think I will leave you to deal with your own skeletons
    • Sorry Bankfodder   I don't know all the details but i am aware there is a lot of denial in France just as there is in many other countries, we could look at Poland as a prime example. We could of course look at the UK; were we ever taught about our complicity in the slave trade ( I was taught about abolition). Are we taught about how we butchered people in Ireland- I certainly wasn't . I wasn't taught about Peterloo, neither was I taught about the mass murder in Ukraine on the same level as the Holocaust.    Do you spend much time in the UK ? There are huge levels of general xenophobia but more importantly Islamophobia. For the first time since the 1980's the level of people thinking it is acceptable to be gay and out has fallen. All these things mean that we need to fight against it and not make causal comments that feed into it.  Brexit has only made it worse; it has given people an excuse to express their bigoted mindset.  Here in Coventry, Chinese students are being attacked by idiots who have no idea just how much money they bring to the local economy.   So I think yes, we all have skeletons in our cupboards and as a responsible people we need to do what we can to inspire a cosmopolitan and inspiring country
    • Thank you Andy. There is a county court in the town where the PCN was issued or I could choose another one; both are convenient.   In terms of expert evidence and witnesses, I will be getting written reports from my doctors for my counterclaim. Is box D2 relevant to that?   Witnesses - the passenger is a witness to the wooden pallets blocking parking spaces. They have also seen the stress this has caused me. Are they relevant to box D3?   Hearing Dates - When I'm working I only have 2 weeks notice of my next month's work so impossible to say which dates I won't be available. The same will be true of any of the witnesses. What do I put in box D4?   Lastly, in the Notice of Proposed Allocation where it says I must serve copies on all other parties who do they mean exactly? One Parking Solution Ltd via Gladstones Solicitors sent by post?   I apologise if these are numpty level questions. At least I won't need an interpreter 😉
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New member here. Just spent a good few hours reading through the many PDL reclaim posts (and the PDF guide) - thanks so much for the incredibly valuable information.


I met a mortgage adviser last week as I planned to buy my first home in September 2019. 

I've spent the last 12 months cleaning up my credit file, cleared all outstanding debts, and have no late / missed payments or defaults within the last 12 months.


However, the mortgage adviser found a debt in arrears on Equifax (I only checked Experian myself).

The debt is from an outstanding PDL from Feb 2015 with PaydayUK (around 350 quid), passed to Prac Financial / BW Legal in June 2015.


From memory, I had only received a few standard letters and emails saying I owed the debt from BWL, not threats of court action or daily phone calls.

I foolishly assumed it might go away, and as it wasn't on my credit file (or so I thought), it wouldn't be an issue.


Strangely (or perhaps not?), the debt has been recorded rather oddly on Equifax (under Prac Financial)...


First 9 months - status 2 (2 months in arrears)

Next 1 month - status 3 (3 months in arrears)

Next 1 month - status 4 (4 months in arrears)

Next 37 months (up to Jun 2019) - status 5 (5 months in arrears)


This may just be due to lazy admin on the part of Prac / BWL and has no benefit to my case - I just wanted to mention in case it can help in any way.


The original debt with PaydayUK is also recorded similarly to the above, but ends in Jan 2015 with a status of 'DA' which I believe means sold to a debt collector.


My primary concern is not reclaiming money.

It is the fact I now have an account on my credit file which is showing as 5 months in arrears, even though it's 4.5 years old, right before I'm about to apply for a mortgage.

The PaydayUK account on my credit file isn't an issue, as it's over 3 years old.


The Prac account is the issue, and I need to attempt to remove this from my credit file ASAP, if possible at all.

I planned to buy one of the last remaining new build properties on a local development, and as such I ideally need this removing within the next month or 2 - max.

Highly ambitious I know!


I have a strong case for the loan being unaffordable, in that I had a string of PDLs (8 with Payday UK - 10 or so others with other lenders) over the course of 3 years, ending with the final loan mentioned above. I was also unemployed at the time and had previously missed payments on other PDLs (from other lenders).


However, I understand PaydayUK are part of The Money Shop - who have some sort of legal case going through which has paused all reclaims until the end of September? Add the 8 weeks on top of that to resolve the case, and another 4 weeks to update credit files, and I'll be looking at Christmas time before I can apply for a mortgage (assuming my case is upheld) and will no doubt miss out on the new build property.


Before I proceed down the unaffordable loan claim route, I wanted to check whether there was any other approach anyone could recommend?


I'm fairly confident they have all paperwork, as the BWL agent confirmed loan details, amounts, dates, etc. when I called this week to confirm the debt was with them (I just asked for information and said I'd call back at a later date). However, if I'm correct to assume they have 12 days to reply to an request of information, it's probably worth doing anyway.


Greatly appreciate anyone who has taken to the time to read and / or respond.









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urm..some mortgage advisor

sounds like they just wanna run you with £1000's in more fees and a worse int rate IMHO

late payments on one debt shouldnt make any difference.


even mainstream lenders mostly accept 1 or two defaults without issue. 




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I have 5 defaults from 1 - 2 years ago, so I'm having to go the adverse route. A condition of this is no arrears within the last 6 months, which I assumed to sound fair enough? 

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ah well you didn't say that..nor did I quite understand the 12mts thing..sorry

cant see why TBH if a lender is prepared to accept you with 5 defaults, why late payments within 6mts should make any real diff .


however. the only thing you might have is to dangle a carrot at prac and say if I pay the whole balance would you remove my account totally??


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Thanks for the response DX. I actually tried that as well on my call to BW Legal. They said they could / would not amend my credit report retrospectively, even if they receive full payment. They would only update to show as settled as of the month it was paid.

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