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Family member took out Littlewoods Cat in my name - want account removed from credit file?

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Not sure if this is the correct forum, so I apologise in advance.


the situation I am currently in.. is that a family member opened a Littlewoods account in my name, at the address I used to live at (Family home).

The account was opened in November 2018, goods were obtained and then payments were missed.


I usually check my credit report and score every month, but (somewhat foolishly) I didn't bother checking for a few months as my score remained the same.

I didn't notice this account on my report until several months after it was opened.

I obtained statutory credit reports and went through everything.

I then filed this issue with Action Fraud.


I contacted Littlewoods and explained the situation to the fraud team, re-iterating the fact that an account was opened at an address I had not lived at for almost two and a half years at the point that this account was opened, not to mention the account is under a 'Mrs', when I am male.


They proceeded to tell me that it was a civil matter and not one for them to deal with.

I told them that the amount owed wasn't the issue, but rather the adverse effect it was having on my credit score as I was considering applying for a mortgage soon.

They simply doubled down on their 'civil matter' point and hung up on me. 


I got in touch with Experian, who added a notice of correction to the entry on my report and provided a template for me to send off to Shop Direct.

I sent this letter off and received zero response.


The family member had started to make payments after I threatened reporting this to the relevant people, but the account, and the several months of missed payments, still remain as a black mark on my credit file. I will add that I got a CIFAS marker placed on my account to try and prevent this sort of thing from happening again in the future.

I have also filed this issue with the Financial Ombudsman.


I guess I am posting this because I am not quite sure where to go next or what my next actions should be to get this removed from my credit report.

It is incredibly disappointing that a family member would do this to me, but it is also extremely annoying that Littlewoods themselves have been very unhelpful in trying to rectify this issue that has occurred at such a point in my life when I am considering applying for a mortgage.


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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get the family member to write to littlewoods/ shop direct admitting what they have done and get the account transferred into their name

quote the crime ref number from action fraud too.


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If you want to knock this on the head you will have to report the relative to the police for fraud and then get back on to Littlewoods and report it to them as such with a crime number.

obviously there will be severe repercussuions on the home front but I doubt if that will be avoided by doing nothing

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