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Car insurance shambles - hasting and written offcar

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Where too begin...

My car I was crashed into, the person took full responsibility everything was good!

But the insurance side (hastings direct) what an shambles! 


My car was sent away, the car was deemed a right off. 

We agreed on the settlement figure but I wanted to buy the car back aswell so the price was also deducted of my settlement.

They said they would return my car back. All agreed etc.


2 weeks have passed, I've had the money in my bank but no car has come back.

I rang hastings to see were my car was as it hadn't returned as agreed.


Hastings direct then told me that I sold the car to copart salvage car company, in which I didn't even have a clue about his company.

I've not spoken to anyone from this company, I've delt directly to hastings direct.

Hastings then told me to ring copart. 


I told them they should be dealing with this as they are my insurance company.

The lady I was talking to on the phone then told me she would contact copart and placed me on hold. 


20 minutes have passed being placed on hold,  when someone finally came on the phone hastings direct had only diverted me to copart for me to deal with the matter.

I was told by copart that hastings direct had sold my car to them.

Asked copart  where my car was in which I was told that the car had been sent to be auctioned off and had gone!


They have stolen my car and sold it without my consent or knowledge. 


 Copart had also confirmed to me that they also paid hastings direct for my car.

 Then copart auctioned my car off.


Its unbelievable, laughable or am i over reacting.


What would you do??? 


Opions, advices anyone?

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So Hastings owe you the value of the car, less what they have already paid you for the claim and compensation for selling the car, when you had already said you wanted it back.


Suggest that you make a complaint in writing to Hastings head of claims and state the amount that they need to pay you, to avoid a Court claim being issued against them.





We could do with some help from you.



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