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UKCPM - Immoral Car Park fines at Brighton Met College

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This case involves parking at the Brighton Met College parking location, during April 2018 while it was supposedly managed by UK Car Park Management Limited and unreasonably receiving a penalty.


Similar to Steve806 posting between June 2018 and September 2018

I have been a victim of this immoral car park management company attempting to extort lucrative sums of money from unsuspecting honest users of the site.


A link to the post by Steve806 is listed below for continuity in the story.


My case also took place in April 2018, about a couple of weeks earlier than Steve's post.


At that time it was very obvious that the car park management company had changed.

The bars at entrance that used to lower after entry of £5 into a cash machine had been removed.

The machine and sign for paying at the machine was still there but a red line was on top of the sign and the machine coin input had been blocked.


I proceeded into the car park and like Steve states other motorists where there and there where empty spaces, being a weekend and none of the other parked vehicles were displaying any payment ticket or anything. A couple of other users of the car park parked and left the car park on foot straight away.


I soon realised that there were no signs or instructions displayed anywhere on the car park, indicating how one should pay for parking there.


There was only one blue and white sign on the east side of the car park on the wire mesh wall,

stating that motorists should pay via JustPark and they may be fined upto £100 if they don't pay.


There was no instruction or indication about what this JustPay is, how to reach it, no telephone number for it, no website, link app download instruction or anything else.


I looked all around the car park and no instruction at all.

Moreover, no mentioning of pricing, cost per hour or any other such typical information given at car parks.


I assumed that this is because the change of car park operation was recent and the payment system had not been established yet.

It appears from Steve's post above that this continued to be the case until nearly the end of that month (April 2018).


It was a clear case of an honest person wanting to pay for parking but not being given a method or any indication of cost.


Little did I know that the cameras were working and recorded my number plates regardless.

They did not record 3 people (me and the 2 passengers, also holding our kids in our hands, pushchairs, the lot) running around the car park like crazy for 20 minutes, trying to find instructions and how to pay, but they did record the plates of the car entering and exiting. 

They then proceeded in requesting payment for penalty by post, several days later, claiming that I hadn't paid.


I appealed (reading posts under the thread by Steve now I realise I should have totally ignored them) asking for evidence that signs were there indicating how to pay.

They've sent pictures of the blue white sign and a sign listing information about JustPay and how to use it.


Of course it has been a month or more and someone had bothered to put signs up.

But how could I prove that these were not there when I parked.


Should I have photographed the whole car park.

Some days later they passed the subject to a debt collection agency who added another £100 to the costs and started demanding payments and issuing legal threats.


At that point I was applying for a big loan and could not afford these leeches spoiling my credit score, so I caved in and paid.


Now, 1 year later they opened the subject again and are asking for more money. 


I am collecting my documents and building up a case against them.

The UK Car Park Management Ltd are an immoral and lucrative organisation that seem to take advantage of unsuspecting motorists.


They lure them into the car park promoting available space against fair payment and then refuse to take payment.


If you make the mistake and park there, they then commence legal threats that you did not pay and attempt to extort large amounts of money from you.


This is very lucrative as it multiplies their income 30 times for every user of the car park.

They should be stopped and put in Jail.


They cannot manage a car park, they cannot maintain payment systems, their documentation and processes are flawed.

I don't understand how the land owners can trust them to manage this space. I am sure that if anyone reviewed the number of cases for non payment opened by them against various customers it would be hundreds per week.


As I am new here, I could not send Steve806 a private message and neither add a sticky note on his post.


Steve, if you see this and want to get in touch and combine data and statements to make a stronger case, please send me a message.


I encourage all others that suffered in a similar way to do so as well.


There must be several cases of people that have been treated unfairly by this company.


Let's combine forces.

Thank you for reading.


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You dont need to combine notes etc.  Just follow other posts already on this forum.  Your issue is no different than any of theirs. Its how PPC's operate and sadly is perfectly legit as theres little regulation around the industry.

By taking out a lawsuit against them without concrete evidence etc and prove they arent following regulation in each case ( youre likely on to a loser with a class action suit), you could find yourself owing tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees.

I suggest you do a lot of research into PPC's etc and the laws that govern them before you even consider any kind of legal action. Youre going to need it.

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Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



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shows you are not understanding things....


can you show us WHERE...


any of their paperwork uses the word FINE and PENALTY


and show us the sign you refer too  that says you will be FINED if you don't pay??


At that point I was applying for a big loan and could not afford these leeches spoiling my credit score, so I caved in and paid.


mug..go get your moneyback by chargeback

and again.. where did you read a speculative invoice can effect your credit file??

not here..



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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