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Auxillis / Hastings car hire charges

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Hi all,


In need of some urgent help!


Me and my fiance are in a predicament.


She had an accident last year February 2018 at the time of which she was insured with Hastings. 

Now at the time of the incident we thought third party was at fault taking into account how the accident happened. 

We then went to a local unit/factory to see if they had footage. This footage made it look like my fiance was at fault. We therefore rang hastings to tell them we were at fault according to what we had seen on footage.

But in between this happening we had also spoken to Auxillis and the long conversation. On that call we had told there that the third party was at fault.


But over year later Auxillis have contacted us to pay up for hire charges because apparently we lied to them that it was non fault even though we rang Hastings but Hastings did not tell us we had to inform Auxillis.


Now im trying to get Hastings to pay up as we were insured fully comp with car hire included. But Hastings keep fobbing us off to Auxillis.


At first we thought it was third party fault but we admitted it straight after seeing cctv ourselves to reduce the hastle/stress.


Also hastings said they would try for a win or 50/50 even though we told them we were at fault.



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Do to a lack of knowledge, you have ended up in this situation. You won't be alone, as many other people would have made the same error. It is a shame that no one from Hastings or Auxillis fully explained the claims process.


It is never the job of a policyholder to even consider whether they were at fault or not for an accident. All a policyholder is expected to do is report details of the accident. The policyholder then leaves it up to their Insurance company or accident management company to work out how this wish to proceed.


If you told Auxillis the third party was definitely at fault, they would have arranged a hire car on this basis. But they would have got you to agree to cover the hire car costs, if they could not recover from the third party. So ask Auxillis to provide a copy of what you agreed to in regard to paying these car hire charges. If you spoke to Hastings when the accident fault was in doubt, they should have told you to contact Auxillis.


Under a comprehensive policy, if you have car hire cover, it only covers the period your car is in a garage having repairs done or is limited to a couple of weeks.  Check the exact wording in your policy to see what it says. This cover is totally different to what Auxillis arranged. Hastings won't cover what you arranged through Auxillis.

We could do with some help from you.



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