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I would appreciate any advice please


I bought a 3 seater sofa, snuggled chair & ottoman from barker & Stonehouse which was delivered at the end of February.


I noticed after approx 6 weeks that the material was marking quite badly, the cushion foam innards were not seated correctly & that there was bagging of material. I contacted the retailer who asked me to send photo's which I did on 26th April. I didn't hear anything in response so contacted them again on 3rd June. Again they asked for Photo's which I sent again. Barker & Stonehouse advised that they were sending Homeserve out to inspect on the 16th June. What a joke, he advised that he would send his report within 48 hrs & the retailer would contact me.


I contacted the retailer the following week after having had no response. The report said there was no issue with my sofa's & could I put the problems in writing, & explain what the Homeserve Technician had said.


This was my email to Barker & Stonehouse




A Homeserve technician came to inspect the furniture on 25/06/19 exactly 4 months after delivery & his comments to us were as follows


We showed him firstly, the marks on the seat cushions, secondly,how the innards were not seated correctly as the seat covers were turning & bagging with excess material at the front & thirdly, how how sitting on one side of the cushion causes the other side to rise making you feel unsupported.

 At no point did he say shading from wear & tear. He took some photo’s which did not do the marks any justice as they are far worse than pictures show. He apparently couldn’t find a code to classify the faults so went to call his manager for help

 When he returned, he said his manager said it was unjustified claim as was natural shading. How he could see this from photo’s is beyond me. I pointed out that if this could be confirmed from the photo’s what was the point of him having called to do an inspection. His response was that he had to put down what his manager has said.

 I disagreed vehemently as showed how I turn & move seats every day, & if it was normal all the seat would be shaded which it is not.

 Technician said would within 48 hours send his report to B & S & would also mention other issues which he didn’t do at all. I also did not receive a response from Barker & Stonehouse until I called to initiate an answer.

After speaking with you yesterday I returned home & did exactly what you had told us to do, hoover the seats & use a hot damp cloth to bring up the pile. This made no difference what so ever as the photo’s I have attached show. The pile does not move at all.

Please see photo’s below of all the problems we are finding with our new furniture.

I look forward to your proposals for rectifying these issues as soon as possible










I received a response to the marks on the sofa as follows from the manufacturer,



 have viewed the pictures together with our Quality Control Manager and we have both concluded from the images provided that there is no manufacturing defect with this material. 
The fabric is just showing signs of pile flattening caused through general wear and tear. 
The cover on the customers’ sofa is chenille and therefore as advised on our care label underneath the seat cushions (reference 3a), “These are pile fabrics and flattening of the fibres during normal use are a characteristic and may result in slight shade variations”. 
I would like to confirm that all our chenille fabrics undergo vigorous tests including a rub test and any pile direction or shading will not detract from the wearing properties. 

We would like to suggest if possible that the customer monitors the situation for another couple of weeks as we believe this appearance should diminish in time.

If after this period the issue is still apparent please come back to us.




These comments from the retailer,


I'm hoping that this gives you some confidence that the fabric is not faulty and hopefully the appearance of the shading settles as per the manufacturers reply.
I will forward your photo's you have supplied reference the other points of concern for their comments.
Once received I will be in touch.


I am responding as follows


The photographs we sent to Barker & Stonehouse in the 1st instance were taken on the 26th April after 2 months wear,  the set we sent to you last week after a further 2 months wear.
We fail  to see how the photo’s pile fabric discolouration could be classed as “slight shade variations” according to the manufacturer.
We also fail to see how monitoring the situation for another couple of weeks will make any difference bearing in mind the photographs supplied to you were taken 2 months apart.
We take exception to the classification of “wear & tear” in your response, this furniture is merely 4 month old although it does have the appearance of a much greater age.
We would just like to advise that if these issues are not rectified satisfactorily, we will be taking this matter further.We  are aware of our rights as consumers. This extract taken from Whatconsumer;
It should also remain in good condition for a reasonable length of time without sagging, coming apart, or deterioration to the fabric.  Just because you have had the sofa for some time, this does not prevent you from making a complaint on the basis of premature or excessive wear and tear. 
We await your response to these points as well as the other issues we have raised.



My question to all you great Caggers is "Is there anything else I can do?" This furniture cost nearly 3k & as the photo's show already looks really shabby.









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Well you've been here since 2009 so I would have hoped that by now you would realise that you have rights under the Consumer Rights Act. Because these defects seem to be quite serious and because they have occurred within the first six months of the contract, you are entitled to ask for a repair and in the event of a failure of the repair or a refusal then you are entitled to a refund.

Write to them and tell them that you are asserting your rights under the consumer rights act. You are giving them 14 days to make a proposal as to a repair or refund or you will see them in the County Court and without any further notice.

Only make this threat if you're prepared to carry it out. Don't bluff

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Thanks for your advice. You’re right I have been a member for many years but have not been on the site for a very long time & this is a new issue for me. 

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