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Cabot and late fathers debt passed to Philips and Cohen

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I am dealing with my late Father's tangled financial affairs.

He was in a mess with lots of debts, but left v little paperwork.


I am an executor, and there is some money available, but I seem to be dealing with debts that are years old, with no paper trail or original agreements, so am loath to pay.


Recently received a letter to him, from Cabot (having his post redirected to me), offering a settlement amount of c£300 for a debt of almost £4k.


I wrote informing them my Father had died, and I wanted to see a copy of the original loan/cc card or whatever it was, and a list of payments .I received a reply stating they'd now passed it to Philips and Cohen (!) to deal with.


I attach the letter and list of transactions.

From what I understand my dad had a loan or card in 2001 with MBNA and no payments were made after 28/02/2013. is it statute barred?


Any advice - do I ignore it -

I am dealing with another Philips and Cohen debt that I've asked for a copy of the original credit agreement and payments (in May) and am still waiting for a response - is it dangerous to ignore them - do I make an offer?


Thanks v much.

Cabot july letter.docx.pdf Cabot trnasactions 1.pdf scan0067.pdf scan0068.pdf

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There's no money available....well not for any unsecured debts...last in the pecking order of priorities.Philips and Cohen are renowned for chasing deceased debts as you have send any chasing a CCA request and a copy of the death certificate....add a covering letter that you are the executor and make this request on behalf of.


Any debts that have a period of no payment or acknowledgment for 6 years will be statute barred.





We could do with some help from you.



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As Andyorch says - P&C  get really excited for this sort of stuff... Naff all they can really do.

Any debts incurred by an individual usually die with them pending anything that is in the estate to clear this off and they are well last in the pecking order. 


Transaction history means nothing... Someone could have taken a card out in his name and run up a fraud bill. 

Doesnt mean he is liable from that alone. Looking at th attachments mostly doesnt show ACTUAL transactions? Plus 6 years have passed since the last payment anyway... 

Dont correspond further... 




We could do with some help from you.


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