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Not being paid due to company error

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 I started working Mid April this year and should have received 2 payments from my employer, one at the end of May and one at the end of June. However after receiving my payslip I noticed the bank details were completely wrong and payroll had confirmed this had went into an active account.


Now I’m not talking about “oh I’ve made a typo and it’s went into someone else’s account.” I’m talking about almost every digit in the sort code and account number is different.


The form was an autofill form so I thought maybe it’s accidentally entered someone I’ve previously sent money to but nope- not only have I never sent or received money from this account I’ve never even corresponded with anyone at this bank( the account details were for a Clydesdale bank I’m at the Bank of Scotland)


to add to that, when I enter the sort code online it comes up as a sort code associated to an account in my area.


that means there must have been an admin error and my money went into someone I work withs account.

Not according to payroll.


From payrolls point of view I’ve not only entered six random digits which just so happen to correspond to a local sort code but I’ve also entered 8 random digits of an account number and what do you know-my money is in that.


According to payroll these are the details I’ve given them and I can say with 100% certainty I’ve never seen these details in my life.


They’ve sent me an audit of what they’re claiming is the original audit I’ve filled in and that no one could have tampered with it. However I believe it has been changed since I filled it in.


What makes it more frustrating is when giving my proper details so I could get paid for June this form was in a documented PDF form so if there was any changes I would still have an original copy to prove what I have input Why wasn’t this done in the first place!


Now I have an Audit which payroll are claiming is the original and I have no proof that I didn’t fill it in. I’ve tried going to the bank in question but they say it has to be between the company and the bank but when I try and phone payroll they say “well these are the details you’ve given us so sucks to be you” .


Every attempt to phone payroll has gone along the lines of “ If this person doesn’t give back the money then that’s it I’m afraid”


It’s just so frustrating being in this situation where I have this account number I’ve never witnessed in my life and my manager claiming “You’ve done it late at night maybe you were tired” or “possibly you were filling it out and the room was a little dark so you couldn’t see what you were do ENTIRELY




Sorry but I’m not buying that.

every sane person I’ve described this to sees this as an admin error or a purposeful change of digits but not payroll.


  I’ve went to citizens advice, ACAS, tried emailing human resources(which was intercepted by payroll ) tried to phone the area manager(wasn’t allowed his number)


what next?


Not sure if I’m able to put the companies name but wondering if anyone else has been in this sort of situation and how to get out of it.

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Hello and welcome to CAG. I'm sorry to hear about your pay problems.


Please don't name the company, we hardly ever do on the employment forum. People should be along over the course of the weekend to advise you. :)


Best, HB

Illegitimi non carborundum




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The only people who might be able to get an audit trail are IT.


I would call HR, not email them.


I would also put in writing your request for them to do a salary recall.

Never assume anyone on the internet is who they say they are. Only rely on advice from insured professionals you have paid for!

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I have to agree with Emmzzi.


I would ask who completed the Audit trail? (if this was not done by the companies IT Team them I would be asking HR that a further Audit is carried out by the IT Team)


The IT Team will have access to the companies servers where all this data will be stored/backed up and should be able to provide all the data right down to IP addresses of who done what and when on the companies servers

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They will need to recall the money from the bank.

If the person who received your money doesn't pay back, they would be keeping something that doesn't belong to them, i am pretty sure this amounts to theft.

Banks are very quick at freezing money when it suits them, so your hr manager should try sorting this out with the bank instead of playing a blame game.

Telling you that you have lost 2 months wages because you filled in "random" bank details is taking the mickey.

Who does that???

Oh, look! They're asking for my bank details so i can be paid: i just put some random numbers in these boxes, i'll be alright!!!

I have a feeling you work for same company as my wife; are you in the fitness/wellbeing industry?

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Thanks for the advice guys! There is a number you can call for IT/security but I always assumed that was if a printer or something broke down so I could try and see if they’re able to trace down the IP address and it doesn’t match mine that’s all the evidence I need.

Honestly just trying to get in contact with Human Resources is a battle in itself especially when it’s constantly intercepted by payroll.But yeah I’ll try IT and putting my complaint in writing and if that fails then I guess it’s legal action.

King12345 I work for a big “fitness” chain in the UK.

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Ok, i had a feeling that you worked for the same incompetent monkeys.

After all your goodwill and strength is finished and all you want is your money, send them a LBA and you will see how they'll immediately pay you.

Also, along with the LBA, start a grievance by following their policy to the letter. 

They haven't got a clue about how to handle this and they cock things up all the time.

They seriously couldn't organise a knees up in a brewery.

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so online form fill, not you sending them  by other means?


have you got another device and email address you can use as there is a possibility that your computer has malware that reads such forms/emails and then intercepts them and that would allow so bad person to use their bank details to steal your money.

The company should have confirmed your details to avoid such a thing happening. it si now common to target solicitors and estate agents tio steal the payments for houses. builders get targeted as well so their clients pay uo to the crooks bank instead fo the tradesman's account.

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