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Company I bought a supposed brand new watch messing me around re my data?

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Hello all.


Briefly, a sent a DSAR to an organisation that I have been having issues with following a watch purchase.

Their 30 days is up next week.

They originally responded asking why i have sent the DSAR.


Yesterday they sent a short email verifying the address they have for me, stating who they share my information with (Visualsoft Ltd, Royal Mail, Barclaycard and Feefo Ltd?) and verifying that I sent them a copy of my passport as ID....and that was it. No transaction details, no copies of our communications, no internal emails or memo, etc.


I replied that they haven't included the copies of communications (emails) and they replied with as 'you have them already'.

After some prompting, they sent details of the order and subsequent issues I had with them.


When I pressed them for copies of any internal emails, they replied saying that there were none and that I was welcome to report them to the ICO and that they are 'now only prepared to deal with the ICO directly' and 'if we don't hear from them within 30 days then we will delete all your data'.

I replied to ask what their privacy policy is regarding customers' data and they will not respond.


Is this just me or are they taking the mickey here?



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They dont have to send everything unless you specifically request certain things.  Especially if they think you already have a copy. Lots of companies do this.

Why did you send the DSAR in the first place? What issues are you having with them?

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



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I sent the SAR letter from this wonderful site which is pretty comprehensive, is it not?

Let me get back to you re the watch problem as I don't want to confuse matters here and want to stick to the DSAR.


Also, deleting my data after 30 days if they don't hear from the ICO?

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They have to retain your information for a reasonable amount of time (Used to be 6 years I think) but GDPR caused a whole hoohah... 

Also they can send you everything they have on you but anything considered business sensitive their DPO has to make a decision on


Great example - I send a DSAR to DCA - They respond with everything they are allowed to send. But I request the Deed Of Assignment for this account in particular and how much they paid for a debt etc.

They are permitted to withhold that information as the Deed Of Assignment contains sensitive business information but also information of other consumers under a "Deed Of Assignment Contract"


Why dont you tell us who the company is - I might be able to offer some further insight.


We could do with some help from you.


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Thanks for that.

They did not use any mention of 'business sensitive', my educated guess is that they don't want to include anything that might be useful to me - I'll explain


- I bought a supposed brand new watch from them but received a second hand one with a dodgy strap in return.

I obviously returned it to them with a pretty upset note.


They then claimed that they sent me a new watch but that I had, somehow, sent them a used watch so they 'sent it off for repairs' and would return it to me when it was repaired.


I obviously told them that I will not accept a second handwatch even if it had been repaired.


Since then, they have had my money (£190) and the watch that they sent me in the first place. 

This was in 2017 and the company is Edmonds Jewellers in Coventry.

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Could I just add that yes you can ask for specific data but also make sure at the end where it may state other or add it yourself to use the simple phrase 'ALL DATA'


'ALL DATA' - Means exactly that is does not matter which format that company/business etc. hold it in whether it be digital, email, written etc. they need to provide all data.

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I cannot give any advice by PM - If you provide a link to your Thread then I will be happy to offer advice there.

I advise to the best of my ability, but I am not a qualified professional, benefits lawyer nor Welfare Rights Adviser.

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This has become the norm on ebay for anything over £100.

A lot of sellers send you old junk instead of new and claim you swapped it.

Or even worse,  they send an empty envelope recorded delivery so the ebay "resolution team" finds in their favour because they have a tracking number. 

Now this practise is spreading outside Ebay. 

Best thing to do is a chargeback/section 75 if you have paid by card (section 75 over £100)

We live in a sad world in which I have to film myself opening my mail and parcels so to have some sort of evidence of clear fraud.

Police don't care and say "civil matter", action fraud reports are just that, reports parked up in a database without any prospect of further action and somebody is taking advantage of this.

I think i opened a thread some time ago about this clever guy who bought a vintage binocular from me and claimed of having received it in bits.

He had specifically asked if the lenses were scratch free before buying. 

Mine was mint, not a scratch on lenses.

He sent all the pieces back and the lenses had been swapped with scratched ones.

The mug put "his" binocular on ebay the very same day, identical to mine, specifically mentioning the mint condition of the lenses.

Ebay refunded me but let him keep the binocular for free.

Police said "civil matter", you haven't lost money, action fraud report resulted in nothing, still prettily sitting there.

So to conclude, your only option is a chargeback or section 75 if you paid by card.

If you paid by any other method, you will need to sue this company with all related uncertainties. 

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