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Possible Bullying Advice Please

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Hi all,


I'll try keep post short but do have some questions too. Thanks in advance to all reading.


Under 10 years ago I left a major company due to bullying - it lasted 1 years after I caught some illegal/regulatory issues and reported it. Since then I've struggled with mental health issues on and off, my psychologist reckons there is some PSTD issues but my ongoing battles with manic depression have hidden the effects. Can, I do anything about this bullying issue or has too much time pasted?


Fast forward to more recent times. Nearly 3 years ago I was made redundant from a company, was very good at the job. Last year they had an opening and offered me a role; as an advisor with clients I needed to book in and see as well as travel off-site to see. I made them aware of my ongoing mental health issues and the fact I had only recently been discharged from local mental health care but still have to have 1/4 check-ins. Couple of months into the role, my mental health started failing me; one of the colleagues though they were my manager and decided to tell me how to do the role and would often send multiple emails and texts explaining what I was doing wrong or demanding I did other tasks.


This caused many issues; I'd follow absence protocol ringing line manager and trying to re-arrange client appointments. This colleague was also training me on the case work creation and after 2/3 months we had a review with line manager over this to check off any errors. This colleague literally ripped into all my case files and for 2 hours I was ridiculed over my work, the manager just looked as shellshocked as me but let it continue. I was off for 2/3 days after this meeting and the colleague sent very aggressive texts stating I need to inform them if I'm off ill - not process.

I dreaded being in work, looking for roles elsewhere, and not wanting to be there. This bit I'm not proud of and I lost the role due to this misconduct; as I was worried about my absence levels, I want into work but wanted to be at home, safe, I left early stating seeing a client, even forged appointment. I was caught and owned up to it, dismissed the next day. This was fair, but I've never done anything like this before. During a therapy session, discussed this and the psychologist mentioned it sounded like a fugue state.


I'd never appealed the sacking, but recently a friend sent an email with the role and it has made me question things. I hate that I was sacked for gross mis-conduct, for actions I'd never do in my right frame of mind. Is it too late to appeal or even just send an email explaining myself? I won't or don't want the role back, I've lost too much time and money over this. But, I was speaking to an old colleague from the company and they've told me that I wasn't the first person who has left after being forced to work with this person, I don't want a new person to be bullied.



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The boss has been in a meeting with this person and you, and seen the behaviour first hand; and chosen not to act.


Save yourself a stamp, move on, and live a good life. The are not worth your emotional energy.

Never assume anyone on the internet is who they say they are. Only rely on advice from insured professionals you have paid for!

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