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H B decision wrong

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HI, We are in  the same postion as you, we had a house fire and was  put in hotel for 2 days  and now council are saying they stopped our H B , even though we didn't know until  rent arrears had built up to £515 , and that was only because we had a phone call form our  H A , we never ever received the letter they sent out saying it had been cancelled we go back to our home 3/4 times a week for mail, 

So now we have been give Notice of Possession  and have appealed and been refused, the  H A  were the ones who cancelled our assured tenancy on the day of the fire, and now they have admitted fault and have changed the date so our temporary  address runs  straight on including the H B , I have sent them the information as  well for the group Entitled  to , which you have put on here, 

Our time is running out we now have 11 days to Appeal to the Independent Tribunal, we dont want to claim U C , as neither of us are very computer savvy , but mainly because this is NOT  our mistake, I have all the emails where the H A have admitted their errors and changed the dates , these have all been submitted  to the council who pays the H B , but they have still not given us another answer ,even with all the information  and emails from me and  our H  A , 

Please can anyone advice { did go to C A B } but with respect didn't help that much , 

The letter we recently had form the council keeps stating  they ended our H B   due to regulation 79 of the Housing Benefitd Regualtions 2006 ,BUT  it was our H A  that ended our  tenancy on our old property while we stayed in  temporary property in same area. 

We have lost our home in that fire and I think we are now going to lose this one, due to people  not doing their job properly. 

I am 63 and my husband nearly 60 , and we claim ESA , DLA AND CARERS ALLOWANCE  and have never been in debt , rent or otherwise, 

So any advice please x

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Posted (edited)

Contact Shelter now https://england.shelter.org.uk


Also try and find a local legal advice service https://advicelocal.uk


If you had home/contents insurance with legal advice call them. 


Non of that sounds right or legal so.....  

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Got wrong link edited now to https://advicelocal.uk which is correct one

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Thank you, I have been in touch with Shelter and the legal advice line , and to be honest I feel like I am beating my head against the wall,  

My insurance company ,I dont have legal advice with them , sorry to sound so negative  but I have NEVER  encountered anything like this before, and all down to the  H A  , 

I have just been looking to get in touch with The Housing Ombudsman, but because we have so little time I dont know if that will be any good for us, ?

I rang just now to see if a decision had been made but was told it goes in date order so still cant tell me anything, 

Their building is such that you can't sit and talk face to face to anyone , it is all done behind the scenes , so frustrating ! 

I am going to do appeal papers tonight and tomorrow and get it sent in to them , at least it is doing something ,but don't know what will happen if decision not made before Ist July  when they said will start proceedings   for Court  .

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