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compensation issue

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I was involved in an unpleasant incident at a company which I spotted was a regular thing happening there. It was not

nice for me as I was mildly allergic, and I knew that it could have an even more negative reaction in some people. and so

I had to do something to stop it.


I did not want to be aggressive in my response. I just said it was not malicious and tried to be helpful and reasonable,

as there was risk of the same thing happening again to others, I was very helpful.


I was 'eventually' assured it would not happen again.


I thought I might be eligible for some form of compensation. They would not send me their policy’s

when I asked.They would not discuss compensation funds. But they asked for my address and sent me a surprise gift,

a rather large package of alcohol  beverages which most people would be overly happy about. Unfortunately  I cannot

consume Alcohol.  I am old enough,  although, they did not check ID. I used cash at the company, no cards Although I did

state my age by email.


It is hard to return a gift, it pulls on the heart strings.  But I politely said thank you very much, but I cannot consume alcohol

due to my beliefs and please may I return the package and asked for a voucher or perhaps suggest something else.


They politely said to offer the alcohol to someone who could enjoy it and thanks for all the help.


Can anyone give any thoughts on this? Was I wrong to ask for the return of the package?


Thank you very much.



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compensation is designed to put you back in a place where you started out so insurers will pay yu for a stolen watch if they cant actually replace the item with an exact same one.

Now compensation is also given where recognition of a wrong is being offered so a company whose service has fallen below an acceptable level will usually send someone a gift in recognition of this. they cant be forced to offer money because you have made no loss they are responsible for so your expected eligibility doesnt have any grounding.

If you had made a suggestion of what was a suitable gesture I'm sure they wouldnt have sent what they did but as the complaint was about an allergen then choccies or flowers would have been a no-no.

i am sorry that things got complicated but their decision to let you decide how to distribute their largesse is commendable as well and i must say that a line has to be drawn under this somewhere.


You could ask for a discount code for your next purchase as you say you buy online as this is less in your face than asking for a voucher that may possibly be passed on in the same way that you can pass on their current offer.

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Thank you for your input Ericsbrother.


Very kind of you.


I shall see if I can change the companies mind on an alternative.


I still think they should not send alcohol to people in the post without age verification and consent.

And first give an option. There are a few ideologies that are pretty darn strict on alcohol. And the last thing a recovering alcoholic wants in his/her house is a very attractive presentation box.


all the best.









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if someone buys stuff on the interweb then they ahve to use a payment method that is only available to those over 18.

You could let them know about the unsuitability of their largesse and suggest that they might want to rethink how they show gestures of goodwill in the future.

being positive whilst telling them off is better than just a telling off.

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Thanks for your reply.


I never bought anything off the internet from them. as mentioned, I paid cash. no cards.


Yes. I have been polite.  but they give no alternative, it is alcohol or nothing.


I think they feel they have done all they need to do.


kind regards.




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