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Future Comms is a Big Con. How to get out of it - joseph Stickler

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Be warned this company FUTURE COMMS as well AS O2 are a big Fraud. All positive reviews are enforced on their hundreds of staff and friends to do so. 


The fact there are so many 1 star reviews like mine proves this. This is not a personal Gripe. I will write their [problem] in full. 


My story all happened within the last two months. 


Step 1, Tele-marketing. They called me 6 times a week till I listened. Gaining my details from internet and company's house etc. The agent promised to move my x 5 company phone networks to 02 guaranteeing they will save me £360 a  year and giving me 50 gigs of data per contract. Unlimited calls and text and free calls to Europe. 


I explained that my current network EE charges me just under £120 a month inclusive of vat for a similar package. The sales con man continually promised that this call is being recorded. Its not. After making false promises and lies re affirming calls being recorded AND THEN TELLING A PACK OF LIES. He promised me a free I phone 6 to say thank you for joining. Promised the cost is all inclusive at £85 a Month inclusive of vat. 


They then passed me onto a second person to confirm my deal. Where I stated again the package am getting and how much it will cost in total. Plus they will pay my contract cancellation charges of £260 if I leave EE. They said yes to all while stating the conversation is being recorded. Again its not.


After which they claim to pass you on to the accounts manager to read the terms and conditions and sign you up. This is the only call being recorded. At this point there is no point repeating the part where they promise to pay your cancellations fee's. Nor re affirm the agreed price.


They then send you a digital contract to sign where the only thing you can actually read is the sign here window. In small print it writes your package is £244. apparently claiming that future conns will give you a discount each month and pay £160 a month on your behalf for one year. They wont. 


Even when I asked what happens after one year, what happens to the price? they will promise you the price will not go up and they will review your case for even further discounts. This is a complete lie. Being a smart Alex. I asked for a three year plan fixed at that rate. They refused. 


After signing and moving contracts, two weeks later I received a Bill from O2 for £240 a month Contract. 


Shocked, I contacted O2 whom claimed to have not a contract with me that I must contact future Conns. Contacting Future Conns they claimed to have zero knowledge of cheaper price plan agreed nor promise to pay my cancellation fees.


Some three days of my life wasted later and calling both companies and sending complaint emails and nothing happens after that, I found that this is a [problem] set up between O2 and Future Conns. Each blaming the other. And if you wish to leave, You must pay £7500 in cancellation fees and your contract has no cooling off period. 


Suggesting you do not have your statutory right of cancelling a contract within 14 days of purchase. They then send you on a merry go round saying your case is being investigated and someone will be in touch. They never do get back to you.


When you call O2 to get get you PUK codes for your numbers and leave, they claim its with future Conns as they hold your contract. When you call future Conns, they claim O2 is the network provider so they hold your PUK or PAC codes. 


You can not imagine how distressing this is and you are shocked that this is legal in the UK? By such a big name like 02?...

Unfortunately many unsuspected citizens have been conned and lumbered into a contract they do not want.Too afraid or have not the time to fight it. 


The only way I left them is politely ask for the customer retention team for 02. Tell them you need to port your numbers out temporarily as you have purchased a sequence of numbers matching or a special number for your phone.


At this point they will threaten you with a £7000 fine. Take your numbers PUK code and move to another network super fast. O2 has worst coverage, higher prices, poor network, poor customer service, Superior ignorance, zero accountability, fraudulent procedures and zero reason why anyone would genuinely choose them over other networks. So they rely heavily on branding, marketing and attaching to con companies calling them a third party partner. 


In business terms, this means the third party partner is the bad cop. All law suits go to the bad cop leaving O2 free from prosecution. When there are enough complaints and prosecutions, they shut down the third party company and start new ones under different names. 


Exploiting the law at will and trading standards and of comm do absolutely nothing. Do not stand for this, leave them, close standing order or Direct debit immediately. Ask them to take you to court. They wont and can not.


Funny part is you are billed from O2, you are sent dept recovery letters from O2. But O2 will deny having any contract with you. In Law terms they can not sue you if they don't have a contract with you so will write you a hundred letters from their bogus dept recovery letters from another bogus company called Moorcroft dept recovery.


A dept recovery company that acts without a county court conviction has neither merit nor authority. But this [problem] does screw over so many its worth billions to 02. 


Please complain to off comm immediately on 0300123333. 


Please complain to Financial Conduct authority FCA on 


Its only by registering hundreds of complaints do they even begin to take notice. Sadly most people do not have the time to do this and many more innocent victims are sucked in every single day. 


Future conns can not sue you either because they do not provide you with any services. So all of this is just one big [problem] to screw over the more timid members of society and keep them locked in a contract they did neither sign up for or want. In threat of ruining their credit scoring.


Lets all join together and stop this evil immediately. My dream is that O2 gets hit with a similar charge like PPI. Let them refund all innocent parties going back to the first date Future Comms or other parties doing similar scams for O2.

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Well done. A great story.

Unfortunately the regulatory authorities are not interested. I have even been in direct contact with Trading Standards and although they are sympathetic, I have not noticed that they have begun to take any action.

Your story is brilliant.

We have lots of experience with Moorcroft here. Keep us updated and we are very happy to help you take them on if O2 decide to sue you.

Unfortunately, it is very rare that O2 brings any kind of action at all. I suppose that a certain amount of lost fees are within their business plan and they prefer not to go to the expense and risk of suing people with the possibility of losing. However, the figure which they say you owe them is possibly sufficiently large to prompt them to begin an action.

What concerns me is that they may start increasing the figure by adding interest or fees. At the moment the figure that they are claiming is well within the small claims limit. But if the figure goes on to exceed £10,000 then if they decided to sue you they would be suing on the fast track and this means that if you lost the case, you would be liable for their costs which could be fairly substantial. Please keep us updated as to whether the figure they are claiming starts increasing.

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They can sue me all they want. If loose, Company changes names and they can chase a ghost. But I will never pay them a penny and have not paid a penny of their bogus contract. Stopped the standing order or DD super fast with my bank. I believe FCA and Ofcom operate by volume. So once the volume gets big enough they will take interest. 


We must encourage everyone to complain to them.

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I'm afraid that it has nothing to do with the FCA. The FCA is not concerned with communications companies. The only people who should be interested – but are not – are Ofcom. But yes you're right, if there was sufficient volume then maybe Ofcom or even O2 start to take notice.

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On a serious note - Any letters i get from Moorcroft are put into a hamster cage and used as bedding... 

Thats represents the power they have over you... None.. 


We could do with some help from you.


Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group



Receptaculum Ignis


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