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    • Indeed. Have you been waiting two days or six months (or perhaps somewhere in between)? Spoil us - give us a clue!  😁
    • I was thinking about doing that but have read on a number of sites now that it's better to go down the appeal route. If the NTK doesn't mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 can they still be caught out if its late?   I've read part C 3.1 (q) of the IPCs code of practice and can see in there it states that the NTK must "Be given to or served on the Keeper between day 29 and day 57 after the day the Notice to Driver is given (which is counted as day 1)."   Spose that's them out of luck then 😆
    • I have been served a letter of claim from a UK law firm pursuant to the provision of PAP for a mortgage i have in Abu Dhabi, UAE.   they are requesting that I pay the whole mortgage in one go, which is impossible to make.   i have been in discussions with the uae bank offering them to hand over the property and agree an amount to settle. They are refusing to take the mortgaged property and are asking for the full amount outstanding.   The mortgage agreement governing law and jurisdiction is :” agreement shall be governed by the laws of the UAE and the civil courts of dubai will have jurisdiction over all disputes under this agreement”   They have failed in their court case in the uae due a technicality. Do you think they can sue me in the UK or is it just a scare tactic to force me to pay?   thx 
    • Ok thanks DX . I have also received another letter dated the same date as the eviction letter . From lightfoot solicitors stating they have taken over from eversheds . And they have sent one to the District judge .   The intruct for possession order letter says I have at least 14 days before the eviction goes ahead . If they have applied £60 enforcement fee to my account .that tells me they are enforcing the eviction 😭   Do I now sit and wait for a court lwtter from the balliff ?  T Thanks for your time and also thank for replying . Regards markez  
    • We need to sell our house , as we need to move (health reasons and long story)  we have an interest only mortgage which started off with GE and is now Kensington 🙄  we were sold the mortgage through a broker back in 2006 we were very stupid as we didn’t understand what an interest only was at the time and it was never explained that we would need a policy to pay off the loan at the end of the term , our credit rating was crap and still is really but the house is now in negative equity it will never increase to the prices they once were because of the area if we get asking price then we will be about £7000 short we have no savings and wouldn’t be able to get a loan to clear it  , I have contacted Kensington to see 1. If we can actually sell and 2. What happens with the shortfall , they sent out a shortfall pack but at the moment it’s not relevant till we get an offer , then we have to fill in the form with the valuation report and offer and our income and expenditure and offer of repayment of the shortfall, my worry is what happens if the don’t accept the offer of our repayment? Luckily we don’t need another mortgage because we are going to be renting off family but just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience? We also were taken to court back in 2009 for arrears but we managed to come to an arrangement, and paid most of it back and a small remainder was added on to the mortgage would there be any charges we could claim back?
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Manxman in exile

NHS appointment line?

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My turn to ask a NHS question instead of answering one. 


How is this meant to work?


My wife got a letter asking her to ring the appointment line and giving her the choice of three different hospitals for an OP appointment.  She rang them and was offered the "earliest" appointment at a hospital 25 miles away.  She turned that down (it's not urgent) and asked for an appointment at our nearest hospital which is only two miles away (and where she has previously been referred).  The "appointment" line couldn't book us an appointment there and wouldn't give us a 'phone number either (although we know it already from previous appointments).  They said they'd pass the request onto our local hospital and if we hadn't heard from them in two weeks, we should call them to chase it up (and gave us the 'phone number!).


What is the point of the "appointment" line?  I've seen some crap ideas in my 25 years in the NHS, but really...


I used to wonder at some of the posts here from people querying how the NHS works, but now I can see that from the outside it must seem bonkers.


Also, harking back to other threads, how does patient choice actually work?  (I admit ignorance).  I know my wife has been given some choice, but it's been restricted to just three local hospitals.

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Simple answer: it doesn't work.

I'm in that boat at the moment and asked to be referred to a specific hospital citing patient choice.

Been told i cannot be referred to that hospital because my case it's not serious enough.

Nice one, thanks!

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