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    • No direct answer for you I am afraid but their actions are surprising. Although banks can and do question unexpected large payments into bank accounts (large relative to what usually comes in) you wouldn't expect a payment from HMRC to be considered a suspicious transaction under money-laundering rules. And you've done the right thing, gone into branch with ID and proof of the source of the payment. Hopefully they will soon unfreeze your account.Sady in all local managers have virtually no say in what happens, it's all down to head office fraud and money laundering team.   Their suggestion that student accounts don't allow you to work is surely nonsense. The requirement in their t&c is that you must be on a full time course, not that you can't work as well. Their t&c say " You must be aged 18 or over and studying on a full-time UCAS registered course of two or more  years’ duration...". Nothing in the t&c about not being allowed to work as well, they made it up. It would be a strange student a/c that said you couldn't work ever - Nationwide must know  that most students need to take part-time/holiday jobs as well to pay their way through university (and have done for as long as student accounts have existed - at least 50 years!)
    • but no judgements yet..urm… think about it..
    • I could never thank you enough Ell-enn - And would never have been able to get through this without your help, support & guidance... Thank you so so much!   I found it all quite traumatic and distressing today - I managed to make myself look somewhat presentable for court and tried to stay as positive as I could, but had a pretty bad panic attack and broke down crying on the way to court, which melted my make-up and I felt very dizzy and unwell. The security staff were helpful and a lady appeared at desk in waiting room (usher I think) and told me that the rep for other side had been there all day, but had popped out for lunch. She said when he gets back he may want to talk to me. I felt like I was going to projectile vomit all over the waiting room. My head started pounding with a severe headache and I was worried I might pass out. He waltzed into the waiting room and stood towering over me at over 6 foot, but only looked about 12 years old.... Very cocky and stood too closely in my personal space. He told me to follow him into a private room for conference and I refused and told him I would prefer for the judge to decide.    Shortly after we were called into the judge. I don't recall his name but I don't think it was the same judge who issued the original possession order and he looked a little bit like Judge Rinder. I broke down crying again soon after sitting down and had to apologise to the judge, who seemed sympathetic. I felt so unwell, embarrassed and humiliated. I then had a panic attack during the hearing and was struggling to breathe - I must have looked such a state.    The judge asked what date the eviction was due to happen (Monday) and then asked me if I had any offers on the house yet and spoke to me briefly, but I could barely speak due to crying. He asked me about my expected return to work and I said I had suffered a nervous breakdown and wanted to be able to get back to work as soon as possible, that my GP had singed me off sick until mid-August and that I was currently on several medications which also affect my ability to work. He asked me if I wanted to say anything else and there was so much I felt I could have put across better, but just didn't feel able to and couldn't think clearly, so said no.   The judge said to the rep for Britannia that he felt concerned about this, but not sure exactly what he meant by that and then the other side stated they had clear instructions to take possession, that I had only paid them £10 and disagreed with my proposal to sell the property myself. The judge asked him if my offer of £50 towards arrears fell in line with Norgan case and the other side said yes. The rep stated that whatever it is I do for a living, my proposals could not be taken into account, as I had no proof or indication of my current income/expenditure.   The judge then came back to me and said he wouldn't be able to agree to more time for property to sell, but would have been able to do more if I had an offer in place / sale agreed. He asked me about my work and for a clearer indication of when I would be able to resume payments / pay a monthly amount towards the arrears. I said that I also had a spinal injury & had had surgery on my spine a few years ago and it was due to complications from that that I had initially been unable to work & fell into arrears and then went on to say that it was Britannias' actions that had caused my breakdown and he did snap at me a bit then and told me he didn't want to hear what Britannia had done, so I apologised. He asked me again when I thought I would be able to resume payments and I asked if September would be ok. I was shaking and having a pretty bad panic attack at that point.    The rep from other side then jumped in and said she needs to pay us straight away, and the judge then stated that he would make an order for me to make repayments from August and suspend the order on those terms. He said if I fell into difficulties again we would be back here again and said that they may be able to help me again if that happened. He asked if that was ok for me and I felt pressured to agree as I didn't feel able to do any other.... I am now now worried about my ability to do this, but obviously relieved at the same time. I think the rep for the other side was a bit p**sed off... He was quite ignorant and I feel traumatised...I feel sorry for the judge having to see me in state like that.   As soon as we had left the room the rep came right up behind me calling my name and told me he needed my updated phone number so that he could contact me. He looked a little bit psychopathic at that point and I told him I didn't want to speak to him and walked off.... I was so dazed I went in the wrong direction when I left the court building and it wasn't until I looked in mirror later that I realised I had tissue paper stuck all over my face from where I had been drying my tears... I HATE Britannia for making me go through that, especially under such poor health.... Which they have caused me!   Thank you again so much for all of your kind wishes and assistance - Especially Ell-enn, as without your help I would be facing Bailiff eviction next week - And still won't sleep until that time has passed.... xx         
    • Just thought I would update, Unite the union have now intervened although initially at a low level.   They have contacted HR at the firm asking them to deal with it in order to stop Unite getting involved
    • Hi.  This was one of the posts i'd seen before - they mention 4 in court and having to pay £1000's in court costs alone...  Presumably, if they're paying costs, there has been some success...??    
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NHS appointment line?

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My turn to ask a NHS question instead of answering one. 


How is this meant to work?


My wife got a letter asking her to ring the appointment line and giving her the choice of three different hospitals for an OP appointment.  She rang them and was offered the "earliest" appointment at a hospital 25 miles away.  She turned that down (it's not urgent) and asked for an appointment at our nearest hospital which is only two miles away (and where she has previously been referred).  The "appointment" line couldn't book us an appointment there and wouldn't give us a 'phone number either (although we know it already from previous appointments).  They said they'd pass the request onto our local hospital and if we hadn't heard from them in two weeks, we should call them to chase it up (and gave us the 'phone number!).


What is the point of the "appointment" line?  I've seen some crap ideas in my 25 years in the NHS, but really...


I used to wonder at some of the posts here from people querying how the NHS works, but now I can see that from the outside it must seem bonkers.


Also, harking back to other threads, how does patient choice actually work?  (I admit ignorance).  I know my wife has been given some choice, but it's been restricted to just three local hospitals.

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Simple answer: it doesn't work.

I'm in that boat at the moment and asked to be referred to a specific hospital citing patient choice.

Been told i cannot be referred to that hospital because my case it's not serious enough.

Nice one, thanks!

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