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    • First of all welcome to the Forum. Do not worry about Drips+ -a dead sheep has more power so do not let them bother you and never contact them. It is a pity that you wrote to PE  which would be perfectly normal, except with crooks like PE  as you may have revealed you were the driver. You have lost the protection of POF A but it is not a fatal. Please do not even think of paying a penny. The amount may go higher in the short term but when the poor dears do not hear from you they get worried ( because they think to won't pay) do they start sending begging letters and reduce the amount owed.I One of the Site Team will be along shortly and give you a template to fill in which helps us to give you the best advice should they not give up. Just complete the form and post up photos of the signs at the entrance to the hotel and others around the car park and the terms on their ticket machine if there is one.
    • HI   You took possession of the Property in 2010 but when did you end the Tenancy Agreement?   Did you give them the required Notice to end your Tenancy?   You mention you paid a Deposit in 2010, was this returned when you ended the Tenancy?   You need to know exactly what they are claiming money owed is for and surprised that solicitors letter does not mention this.   Send the Landlord a Subject Access Request (SAR) asking for 'ALL DATA'  (ensure to send a copy to the Solicitor acting for them as well. 
    • yes only court...   can I confirm this was settled via Barclaycard and chargeback as it was a debit card, rather than section 75 via a creditcard?  
    • Hi   Sorry for the delay in getting back to you don't worry we have not forgot you.   So they have destroyed ALL DATA personal to you as you did not take the Property. (really they have put there foot in it)   If they hold no personal data then they have NO evidence of what was agreed to with your Holding Deposit and the refusal to return it.   Now if it was me I would let them drop themselves in it even further by responding to there SAR response.   Thank you for your SAR Response dated XX/XX/2019   Due to this response I require clarification of the following:   1. Have you followed the Data Protection Act 2018 & General Data Protection Regulations on Destroying My Personal Data?   2. If you have Destroyed All My Personal Data then what documentation do you hold that I have signed/agreed to the Holding Deposit being Non-Refundable and to provide copies of this documentation.   3. I require a copy of your Policy on Holding Deposits   Please bear in mind the above is what I would do.   I do think it is looking like you may have to go down the court route (make sure and have a good read of that link I previously gave you to the Tenants Fee Act).
    • HI   Firstly the parking in front of your drive, do you have a pavement with a Drop Kerb in front of your property to access your driveway, if so are they infringing on the Drop Kerb? (note your can ask the council to to paint a white line with lines at the end on the road in front of the drop kerb please note there may be a cost from the council to do so)   As for the CCTV look at this ICO link: https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/domestic-cctv-systems-guidance-for-people-using-cctv/   Due to the new DPA/GDPR if you have CCTV on your Property and it views outside of that Properties Bounderies they then need to register as a Data Controller with the ICO.   So I would make a Formal Complaint in writing to the Councils Data Controller, ICO (specifically asking if this individual is Registered with them as a Data Controller) & Police, you need to keep a good paper trail of this individuals actions.   I hope this individual knows the Law on Harassment as from your thread that is the impression I get is no matter what you do they will find something else to complaint about.  
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Making a complaint - railway safety

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As it's not aimed at a particular company or railway station, I'm not sure who I need to contact for this, or indeed where to start:


I was at Bristol Parkway station last weekend and managed to slip between the gap between the train and platform. Thankfully, I have enough strength to pull myself up. I was taken to hospital, checked over and discharged. I was then put on the next train home.


Having talked to railway staff, I was told that this unfortunately isn't that unusual. 


I've been advised to make a complaint about this. I'm not after any compensation. It's purely a safely thing. I'm concerned that it could happen again. Whilst I was not seriously injured, I am still in a lot of pain.

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What do you want railway companies to do? 

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When safety was a prime factor for railway operators,  there was always a member of staff on the platform assisting the train driver with dispatch.

This still happens in some TOC like south west trains which still employs guards and at peak time, platform assistants.

However,  due to the damn money, this is destined to change so less people will be employed and more money will be distributed to the shareholders. 

So, should one slip in the gap between the train and platform, the driver might not see them and run them over.

It happens more often than reported on media.

TOC prefer to pay compensation to the injured/deceased family rather than more wages to keep the railway safe.

This is the result of privatisation. 

Welcome to the world where money is more important than life!

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Not going to get in to a debate about privatisation, however, things are a lot better and SAFER, than they were in BR days I can assure you.


@Nystagmite regarding your query, complaints can be made to the local station management, but probably more sensible, would be to report it to the train operator who manages the station, so GWR in this case. They should have an online process, or a paper form at the ticket office.


Regarding these incidents,

short of raising the platform, I don't see what can be done about it?

All trains that serve Bristol Parkway have a Guard/Conductor/Train Manager I believe?

That being the case, they shouldn't dispatch until clear to do so and will be on hand should any incidents occur?

Due to the size of this station, I believe there will also be a fair amount of staff available, often performing dispatch duties?


If even the staff are advising you to complain, that begs the question as to whether they believe there's an infrastructure problem which isn't being addressed, or is it because they want to make the company consider their resourcing levels at that station?

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I use Bristol Parkway regularly and there have always been staff on the platforms when I've been there.

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You should probably make a complaint to whichever train company manages the station



Computer Problems? Give me a shout...

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