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UKPC parking invoice - lease car - gym car park

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Hi everyone - i am new to this site after someone recommending it.


I have read the forum and am now a little concerned that i have dropped myself in it with UKPC.


I parked on our local leisure park on a thursday lunch time.

The car park was almost empty.

I have my 8 week old baby with me at the time and as the car park doesn't have adequate parent and child spaces i had to take up 2 parking spaces to ensure that if anyone did park on either side of me i would be able to get the baby back into the car.

I came back to my car and a ticket!!!


My problem now is that i wrote to them a month ago when the ticket was issued explaining the situation and appealing against the notice. They have not responded to my letter.


My Company actually leases this vehicle for me.

The leasing company have written to me with a copy stating that they will not pay it.


I have also been in touch with Legal and General who own the land but they couldnt give a you know what!

Am i now going to have to pay the charge?


I feel I am being punished for having a baby

- soon i wont be able to drive anywhere through fear of getting a ticket!


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thats a tricky one because the leasing company could pay the invoice and then bill you plust costs.


I would write back to the parking company and say the RK does not have any contract with the leasing company and that you are the driver and that any contract is with you. I would advise the leasing company not to pay and copy them in on the correspondence.


I would write and say "on what basis do you feel you have entered into any contract with me". They are only entitled to damages. As the car park was free and there was plenty of space there is no damages.


I would not pay.

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will try that - thanks!

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I have contacted the leasing company and asked them not to pay.

UKPC have now written to my company and tried to get them to pay.


We wrote back telling them that any contract can only be formed with the driver and that we are under no obligation to inform them of the identity of that driver.


We also told them that any further correspondence would result in us informing the relevant authorities as we would deem it to be harassment.


They have written back saying pay the charge and that there was sufficient signage.


We have now written back again re iterating what we said in our previous letter.


There is no way they are getting a penny from us!!!!!

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