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    • Couple of things to point out. Council won't be interested in dog's poo in the caravan as it is private property.  At best the h&s department would take a statement and pictures and if it happened again they would act.   As the devil's advocate I would ask: 1. If you were so distressed to ask £4k compensation as suggested,  why did you stay for the full length of the holiday? Is it because your complaint was addressed and caravan cleaned? 2. Bed bugs? Where are the evidence? Couldn't it be another insect's bite? Most of the world population occasionally wakes up to a sore bite from unknown insects.  This can happen anywhere,  even in your house. Hands up if you have never experienced a mosquito bite in your house. 3. Manager took ownership of the problem immediately and fixed the faults. What else could he do? Move you from a caravan site to a 5 star presidential suite? Did you ask for this in writing there and then or you accepted the fix? 4. They offered £500 compensation. That's more than a quarter of the cost of the holiday. I don't think a judge would find that unreasonable.  5. Unfortunately the law doesn't act on ifs, so if something doesn't happen you won't get much interest. IF your boy had eaten the poo, the claim could have escalated by a large margin, but you, as a responsible parent, prevented this and nothing happened to your boy who went on to have a jolly good time. So unfortunately you can't claim for something that didn't happen.  To better understand this, think about a window cleaner leaving his ladder resting on a wall. IF the wind blows it on my car i could claim damage, but not before it happens.   So, my approach would be more pragmatic, by all means ask for more and see what happens, but £500 it's already a good offer in my opinion.    For future reference, whenever i go to holiday parks, caravan sites etc., first thing I do is to clean the lot. It takes an hour or so, but then i'm sure that i won't get any problems from hidden bacteria or other nasty surprises.  I know it shouldn't be this way, but it is. Us, the consumer,  have pushed for cheaper and cheaper prices and this is the result. We need to adapt unfortunately or we would be in court every day. Then there would be no time for holidays.
    • Hi, Last payments were around 2009. The last time any sort of letter showed up was about 3 years ago to my knowledge but only received by me a year after it was written as hung onto by my sister.    I haven't managed to open a bank account yet but made progress in what they required so will try this week.    Thanks for responding. At the time maybe I should have gone bankrupt in hindsight but before I left it pretty much all stopped after asking for the SAR' s. I had settled what I could prior to that.  Then after a big gap I started to get random debt agencies picking up on a few, irrespective of saying there were outstanding SAR requests they came and went and I did inform them where I was living overseas which is why Amex went for the RMA and then suddenly stopped.    You are of course right about running away. Seriously the whole thing gave me real depression which is something I only thought happened to other people. It has taken me all this time to get back to a place where I think I can take a deep breath and deal with it both for my sake and my mum.    I will keep a log. What happens might prove relevant to others and I can't see anyone else has kept one although a lot of people seem to have similar stories.    Thanks again        
    • Just make sure the Blue badge is visible in the car so the JBW bailiff can see it, otherwise he might clamp to put pressure on you.
    • Let them spout and don't tell them that you have recorded the call until its nearly ended and you have said you are logging date and time of all calls as they are in breach of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997    Prohibition of harassment. (1)A person must not pursue a course of conduct— (a)which amounts to harassment of another, and (b)which he knows or ought to know amounts to harassment of the other. [F1(1A)A person must not pursue a course of conduct — (a)which involves harassment of two or more persons, and (b)which he knows or ought to know involves harassment of those persons, and (c)by which he intends to persuade any person (whether or not one of those mentioned above)— (i)not to do something that he is entitled or required to do, or (ii)to do something that he is not under any obligation to do.]
    • It wasn’t recorded as to be honest, I was caught a little off guard however they are calling on a daily basis so I’ll make a point of recording the next one!   there won’t be any crumbling here. I’ve just been reading through the history of this to jog my memory on some of the events and it’s reminded me just how pathetic they are as a business. I fully intend to waste as much of their time and hopefully money as possible. 
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Secret video recordings by minor

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I have no idea which sub forum this is best posted , I am sure the mods will move to  it  the correct place


This is a delicate situation for which we need advice in the best  way to proceed

My daughter is a STA in a special needs school dealing with children and young adolescents  with various learning and physical difficulties,

A situation has arisen where a young  pupil at the school   who lives in a house , which due to the design of the area where she lives , overlooks the rear of her house and garden .

My daughter found out , from a passing  remark of a parent of the child , that the child had been using tablet device to make video recordings of her in the garden and through her bedroom window , although when dressing , she always closes the curtains , she did however go into the garden in her dressing gown on occasions  .

I am  not sure at present what  difficulties the child has , so this will have an impact  on what action can be taken if any , safeguarding etc

What is difficult to understand , is that the parent laughed the matter off , made no offer to delete recordings , or to ensure it does not haven again , and appears not to be taking this matter seriously .

My daughter has had advice that due to the child being below  the age of criminal responsibility,  the  Police are unable to take action .

She is meeting the head of the school this morning to discuss the situation and the invasion of her privacy  .

So in the first instance we have to wait to see what the outcome of the meeting is

The simple question is , how do we proceed .

Do we have the right to ensure the recordings are deleted , and to see them deleted ? and possible further actions .

I will update where I hear the out come of the meeting

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Is a difficult one, you could ask the Data Protection Agency for some general advice,

We could do with some help from you.



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The bailiff: A 12th Century solution re-branded as Enforcement Agents for the 21st Century to seize and sell debtors goods as before Oh so Dickensian!

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Following the meeting with Head and Deputy , the school  are taking the matter very seriously .

In the first instance the parent was informed of the schools position , and agreed to delete any material on the device ,having been made aware of the invasion  of privacy distress etc  ,and also  accepting that to make light of the matter was inappropriate , and  to  provide signed written confirmation that  the deletion has been carried out , my daughter is also going to suggest the camera app on the device is disabled , as the child , due to its difficulties ,may not be aware of the problems that can be caused .

The school via it’s HR department  is also reviewing its safeguarding policy to include the  protection of staff .

I am glad the school has reacted in this way ,as normally the focus of protection is to vulnerable students .And due to the nature if the problems the students have , safeguarding is taken very seriously .

Also the school has assured my daughter the matter is not yet fully resolved , so is not closed

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