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More money owed by Future Comms

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I was persuaded to take on a new phone contract with a company called Future Communications in March 2019. The salesman was very slick and I was promised a cheaper monthly bill for 4 phones for my husband and 2 sons and he even threw in an iPad on a contract with O2. The total was supposed to be £90 per month. I didn’t realise until after that the actual bill would be £219 + vat and Future Communications would discount me £129 per mth into my bank account. They also said they’d pay all my termination fees with 3 network which totalled over £1500. 

It’s a long story, but basically I’ve had to pay 3 the termination fees to avoid them taking me to court, but Future Communications haven’t paid them back to me. My bill every month so far has been £266 with no discount applied. I tried to cancel the contract 2 days after signing but was told there is no cooling off period because it’s a business contract. I called O2 but they said there is nothing they can do because the contract is with Future Communications and not O2. I have sent numerous emails to Future Comms, all with no reply. After calling O2 I suddenly get a call or email from FC promising to sort it all out only to hear no more about it! This has happened at least 4 times. I queried why a big company like O2 would have partners like this who are clearly ripping people off. A lady at O2 told me that she had heard from other customers about Future Communications and that I should write to the Ombudsman and I would get all my money back. I already emailed Ofcom who said they couldn’t do anything because they only deal with the networks. The Ombudsman took all the details and looked into it but basically said the same! I can’t believe this company are getting away with this with hundreds of poor people. I was in tears about this situation, I’m a self employed mother of 3 and am worried sick about having to pay these bills every month. I’ve had to pay the termination fees using my credit cards but I pay my cards off every month so now I’m overdrawn and have had to get a 0% card to do a money transfer to my bank account so that my mortgage and bills will be paid. Since March I’ve paid over £2000 in termination fees and phone bills with no discount payments as promised. My husband was in a car accident over 5 weeks ago and has a broken hand so he’s been off work since with no pay, he’s a self employed bricklayer. 

I had a light at the end of the tunnel a few weeks ago because a lady from O2 felt sorry for me when I told her the story and she said she would pester FC to pay me the money back. She’s also sent numerous emails and made lots of phone calls to them but they just palm her off saying they have to speak to the Directors or they’re off sick etc. They told her 2 weeks ago that I would get £387 discount for March/April/May paid into my bank on 28th May and the £1500 termination fees on 8th June. No payment has been made.

I just don’t know what to do about this, there are lots of people in my situation with Future Communications and they just seem to be getting away with it with nobody to answer to.

I see they now responded to my review with their standard response. They don’t mention the fact that I’ve already emailed them probably 40 times with no reply, what a joke.

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Welcome to the forum. Another future comms victim.

I'm afraid that this story is sadly familiar. This company has been reported to the communications regulator many many times that they are unable to do anything because future comms is not the airtime provider. In this respect they are Teflon and it's a nice little earner because there seem to be a huge number of people over at least a couple of years who are not being paid the money they are owed.

You should report them to citizens advice and eventually may be trading standards will take notice.

In the meantime, I'm afraid that it is not worth trusting their promises of payment dates. You need to take the matter into your own control and start laying down timescales.

What is interesting about your case is that you are owed well over £600 – which is the High Court enforcement limit – and this means that you could put the sheriffs in for a rigourous enforcement if you get a judgement.

On the basis of what you say, those that see no reason why you shouldn't win and it really depends whether future comms want to be stupid about it or they want to avoid trouble and put their hands up quickly.

If you want to take legal action then you should think about bringing a small claim in the County Court. You can do this by using the County Court money claims service which is a very quick and easy online service.

The cost for bringing an action between £1500 and £3000 is £105. You get that back if you win. Also, if future comms want to be stupid and defend the claim and fortune to a hearing then you would have to pay a hearing fee but I can't remember how much it is for this value of claim. Maybe hundred and £50 – but maybe somebody else will be kind enough to give us the figure. You also recover this if you win.

If you want to issue a claim then you have to start off with a letter of claim giving at least 14 days. In this case you have plenty of time because the due date for the major payment of your termination fee is 28 June.

I would suggest that you write them a letter of claim



Dear X X X
reference number
As you know, by 28 June you will owe me £X X X termination fee and also £X X X monthly rebate which actually is due on the eighteenth plus missing VAT payments of £X X X.

In view of your well established reputation for refusing to pay your debts on time or at all and for regularly breaking promises, I'm writing to you to warn you that if the money is not in my account on 28 June that I will start a county court claim against you for the entire sum that you owe me plus interest plus costs and without any further notice to you.

I'm not prepared to accept any delays or further promises under any circumstances.

Believe me



Bringing a small claim in the County Court is easy and almost risk-free and on the basis of what you say, your chances of success are much better than 95%. However, do not send a letter of claim and give a deadline for action unless you intend to bring the claim. In particular with this company Future comms, it is very clear that people who hesitate very quickly lose control. Futurecom seems to have a reputation for making and breaking promises. We are hearing things like standing orders accidentally being cancelled or some office problem has occurred blah blah blah et cetera.

This forum, trustpilot, Facebook, Google reviews are all full of frustrated and angry customers who have decided to give future comms the benefit of the doubt and it simply suffered further betrayal and further broken promises.

Don't become one of these people. You are owed quite a substantial amount of money. If you are not certain you want to proceed with a court claim then don't send the letter. However, I'm not too sure what you will do instead to get your money

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Please let us know if you decide to do this and you send the letter.

We will then help you draft the claim

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