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    • there are over 15 erudio claimform threads here with how people have responded to their claim by entering a statute barred defence you need to be reading up as part of the self help of CAG as what to do how to do it whats next how things progress through the differing stages of the claim   dx  
    • Yes it is excessive and I don't think you have any choice other than to pay up. Sorry
    • Hi All, I would appreciate  a little bit of advice.   I parked in an  NCP car park on  a quiet Sunday afternoon and did not pay the parking charge due to the machine not working.    When presented, many months later with a £100 parking charge, I appealed and they turned me down, without even addressing my specific concerns. I have just now taken my appeal to POPLA, but am not confident that they will help.   From what I have read online, it seems that these NCP people are chancing their arm by asking me to pay £100 charge. If it goes against me, I will be tempted to send them a cheque for £3 to cover the fee and tell them to go forth and multiply.  Am I correct in saying that they are unlikely to start civil procedures against me? I would welcome views on this, please.
    • Hi all - this doesn't seem to be a common problem, so any advice would be appreciated. The first I knew of a parking notice (PCN) was a threatening letter from Debt Recovery Plus. It implies they are a debt collector, but they are simply used by Parking Eye to leverage muscle and try to frighten people. I never got any letter from ParkingEye: not the initial PCN, nor a Keeper Liability Notice, nor a Final reminder. Nope! Straight to DR+ nasty letter an astonishing 76 days after the reported event. (ironically all their post arrives successfully). This has meant 1) I am outside the appeal window (and ParkingEye have confirmed I can go jump) 2) I therefore have no verification number to go to POPLA appeal. I would consider conceding as life is too short except I am an authorised user of this parking space. It is simply that on that day, I forgot to log my registration at Hotel Reception. Normally - a PCN is issued and my work collages simply pop across to the hotel who cancel it with ParkingEye in the first few days after issue. The Hotel in question won't action my DR+ letter as they say that their contract is with ParkingEye AND (wrongly) that it is at the court stage. It is, of course, not at the court stage because these silly letters from these Debt Agencies are designed to mislead and obfuscate the facts. Has anyone had a similar experience and success appealing through some route or other?  I will be ever grateful they want to mug me unfairly for £170 because they failed to get me a timely PCN.
    • We are in the process of selling our house and the buyers solicitor has asked for proof of work that we had carried out which included damp proofing and cavity wall ties , i have the original quote but cannot find the guarantees as this work was carried out a very long time ago, so i contacted the company that did the work to see if they still have record of the work which they do and were more than happy to supply me with copies for ......£120 😳as you can imagine i said thanls but no thanks even my solocitor was gobsmacked is this the going rate ?? For a couple of bits of paper ? Surley its slightly excessive 
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Blue Motor Finance driving me nuts with over- payment

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Need some advice, and a fresh set of eyes as I feel like I'm getting nowhere with Blue Motor Finance.


I have a car financed through Blue Motor, in April I offered them a lump sump of money to bring down my monthly payments to them:


According the the partial settlement letter they sent me on the 12th of April 2019:



Thank you for your recent enquiry. You have indicated that you would like to make a partial settlement of £2,000.00 on or before 12th May 2019. If you do this the term of your agreement will remain the same and your monthly repayments will be reduced. In addition to the partial settlement you must still continue to make your contractual instalment payments.


This is detailed below: Partial Settlement Contractual Instalments

Outstanding Balance: £7,660.15

Partial Settlement: £2,000.00 :

Interest Rebate: £697.20

Monthly instalments: 44 x £110.29

Resulting Balance: £4,962.95

Final Instalment (including Document Fee): £110.19

This quote is valid for 28 days.  Please note that if you wish to accept this quote, we require full payment within this period. 


They advised me that the next payment due on the 15th of April would be the normal amount of £167.66 and then the month thereafter it would be £110.29

So I paid the £2000 into their bank account they had given me, and then on the 14th of May they kept on taking the £166.67 instead of the £110.29 as the letter stated.


I had to ring up as they would not talk about my account via email, and I got some excuse about how my settlement letter stated that this would happen, which I replied the letter doesn't state that, so the lady looked up the letter on the system and said "oh somehow the system did not generate that bit" and how it was company policy that after a settlement was done the next month's payment would remain the same and then change the month thereafter.


She did not understand that the settlement letter, generated the 12th of April, would take into account the normal payment 3 days later, and then May's payment would be later.


I asked how many payments do I have left: Answer: 44.

I even tried to walk through the payments I still need to make, ie 44 monthly payments of £110.29, plus the £166.67 payment made in May, equals £5019.43, and not the £4 962.95 they say is now outstanding, which was generated before my April's payment.


I asked for it to be escalated into a complaint as her explanations made no sense at all, and you can't come and tell me the system did not generate the offer letter properly, which I accepted and made the partial settlement payment based on this offer letter.


I will apparently be contacted within 5 business days by someone in the complaints team.

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send them an sar.

then find their mistake in writing and point it out to them.

make sure they also don't trash your credit file.





please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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They can’t, I’m ahead on payments. They owe me £56

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what they should do is recalculate your balance and adjust the monthly payments to take into account the payments made since this quotation.

the quote was a true reflection of  the 12th april so the illustration was right at that time, they now need to adjust things to take into account the new payments and info to normalise the dates etc

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Posted (edited)

Just a small update on this saga with Blue Motor Finance. They looked into my complaint, wrote to me saying their figures were correct, but as a “gesture of goodwill” were refunding me £56. Yeah right....


Direct Debit was altered to reflect the £110 to be paid each month, £56 refunded into my bank account. Result I thought...not.


Yesterday received a text message and phone call from their collections team, telling me I was behind on my payments and that I owed them £56.



Took the wind out of the woman’s sails when I told her the whole story, was put on hold for 10 minutes while she spoke to head office, came back to me to say head office will get back to me, which they never did.


left her with a warning to put on my notes that if they put a late payment marker on my credit file because of this, I will be taking them to court.

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