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Severn trent***Resolved***

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Im hoping you lovely people can guide me once again.


Im to the point where I need to go to Consumer Council for Water to solve a problem.

Its a long long story, but ill cut it very short


I was on Third Party Deductions from income support, you are told you dont need to worry about bills, I was on a meter (thats another part to the case, as wasnt requested)


bills suddenly jumped (possblly wrong meter, or someone elses added on) 


I wasnt informed of this jump, and when i moved was hit with a big bill despite regular TPD.

They continued to take TPD up until begining of this month, even though they had sent me letters to new address. 


In short I was paying 76 a month off of income support (old address, but letters saying deductions sent to new address) as soon as demands came to new address (been here a year)  I looked into new address nothing being paid, so had to be paying 41 on that one a month to catch up.


I believe a mistake in meter ar old place, 0.93m3 a day consumption it says,


im disputing that, plus think they acted illegally taking deductions for my old address and ignoring my ongoing bill at new one.


I am struggling a bit with navigating CCW,

when I try form it says about suppliers ref etc?

Can anyone give help with what I need to be doing on that site?


Many thanks

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3. How the scheme works

We deduct a fixed amount to clear the arrears. This is legislated for in Schedule 9 to the Social Security (Claims and Payments) Regulations 1987. The amount is deducted from the individual’s benefit at source and paid directly to the supplier until the debt is cleared.

An additional amount is taken to cover current consumption costs. This is to prevent further debt accruing and to help with budgeting in the future. This figure should be an average amount based on annual usage.

Where there are 2 billing agents, one for water supply and one for waste water, the water debt is cleared first, then the arrears for sewerage. There can’t be two deductions for water debts running at the same time.

Once a debt is paid, a third party deduction will usually end. In some cases where the individual repeatedly mismanages their money, a deduction may continue to cover on-going costs.

Where there is more than one debt, we can take a maximum of 3 deductions at any one time. DWP will apply the priority order when more than 3 applications are made.

For changes to current usage we will alter the sum deducted based on the current amount used by the claimant. This must be confirmed by a meter reading, not an estimate.

We could do with some help from you.



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Yes, ive also read the handbook. I think its something like £3.60 for debt, and then a variable amount for ongoing bill.

Its very complex. Ive now found an email saying 'thanks for telling us about your move' dated 27th June,  so they did know id moved (they claimed they didnt know until October)  The bills were mad in the past 2 years, some close to £500 for 6 months. Im sure something went wrong somewhere, we didnt even have a bath in the house, or a dishwasher, didnt use a hose...mad


Ive sent them another email asking for some info.

1. Date the meter was installed

2. Why the meter was installed

3. A copy of a bill before the meter was installed (the account seems to only go back to 2013, i presume because of being over 6 years before then?)


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This is now resolved.  Had an apology that we had somehow 'slipped through the net' regarding ongoing water direct payments after final bill had been issued, and that issue has been forwarded for review into how the water direct scheme allowed that to happen.  Also said they could see a problem with the amount the bills were, however could not find a reason for that.


Result was, account cleared of any supposed debt (eventual final bill was around £370) and £319 refund, plus continual refund of any water direct payments (they work around 12 weeks in arrears)

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