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Hi everyone.


I have just joined the forum this evening due to going through what a lot of use are or have gone through before with future communication.


Yesterday morning I received a call from future communications.

This was at 9.45am, normally I would blank these calls due to been at work, but I’m afraid I wasn’t feeling to well so took the day off.

Now I wish I had gone to work!


After been on the phone to them for 52 minutes and speaking to 3 of their colleagues, I ended up doing what most of what everyone else did.

Agreed to their deal!!


It was for a new iPhone 7 for £34.00 per month for 3 years.

Every month for 18 months future communication would arrange a standing order to pay back £8.00.

This sounded like a good deal.


I accidentally hit the wrong button hanging up on them, but within seconds they rang back.

I did say a few times in the conversation that I would like to go through this deal so asked if they could send it to me via an e-mail. 

On several occasions they said it was only tailored to myself and won’t be available after this call.


I was on this second call for another 16 minutes.

They told me that I would now be transferred to my current supplier to get my pac number.

After speaking to someone from EE the call ended.


I sat for a few seconds feeling very confused, because there was questions that I still had to ask. 

Termination charge from EE. 

When would this be paid ?

When would everything got sorted ? 


I called future communication back at 10.38 and was transferred to the last colleague I spoke to, ( I will leave his name out for now ).

I asked about the termination charge from EE and he said he would forward to paperwork to their financial team and it would be sent out.


I had concerns from this call because he know the figure from my current supplier before I give it to him!!

So I’m guessing they also know my pac number which was given to me over the phone.

After this call I felt like he didn’t have any time for me!


I decided to search things about this company.

While doing this I went through the paperwork and notice that the iPhone 7 they were offering in the deal, didn’t have a bigger enough storage for what I needed.


After reading a few comments on here about other still waiting for their termination charge.

I decided to e-mail future communication.  


Below is what I sent.

( Could you please send me a copy of your terms and conditions it states in your paperwork that these can be found on your wedsite, but after clicking on this it states this page can’t be found.   

I have enclosed a copy of the remaining contract charge that EE will be charging me for leaving them early.

I would be very happy if this amount could be forward to my bank account within the next 7 days so this can be paid.

This can be paid to my bank account and the details were given to your colleague who set up the direct debt for rhe monthly payments of £34.00 to 02.

The size of the iphone 7 that showing on the paperwork is only a 32gb and should be a bigger.

I currently use a iphone 6s which has 64gb and already use 40.1gb so the one you have put down isn’t big enough for my sevices that I need.

If this isn’t amended then I’m afraid the deal you have offered isnt enough for me.

Can you please let me know if this is a problem asap. )
Reply I got.

Here are the terms and conditions, they are on the website, you have to just scroll straight down.http://future-comms.co.uk/terms.pdf


In regards to the termination charges, I have forwarded them to my finance team who will process and authorise it.

I can’t say exactly when that will go in, however you will receive it regardless!


And lastly, for the size of the iPhone7 storage.

It doesn’t have a 64GB size for internal memory.

It only has a 32GB or 124GB storage.

I wasn’t aware the storage size would be an issue when setting up the package.

If it is a necessity, by all means I could look at authorising a 124GB storage iPhone7 but it would most likely cost more than the standard 32GB.


I hope this helps,


Kind regards, )


I sent back.

Could you let me know the cost of the 124gb asap please just I know the 32gb won’t be big enough for the stuff I store on my phone.
Which will mean that you won’t be able to supply me with the correct package for the price I wanted. 
Kind Regards 
I’m now still waiting for a reply for this e-mail it was sent yesterday at 3pm,
i sent another one again this morning saying.
I’m still waiting for the price that you are able to offer for the 124gb iPhone 7, as I stated the 32gb isn’t big enough for all my stuff!!
In your last email you stated you weren’t aware that the storage size was an issue before issue this package but I’m afraid it is for my business needs.
Obviously I don’t and never wanted the smaller size storage as it not bigger enough for everything I have on my phone. 
You also didn’t make me aware of a restriction on the size of the storage iPhone been offered in the deal, and f this had been mentioned in our phone call I would have refused this deal and picked up on this straight away.  
PLEASE DON’t SEND OUT THE 32gb iPhone 7 !! 
If the prices isn’t ok then I’m afraid you will have to end the deal between myself and future comm.
Kind Regards 
After send the e-mail I decided to e-mail watchdog and see if they had any other views or businesses dealing with this company.
I’m waiting for a reply from them and will update once this come through.
I also decided to e-mail 02 to see if they can help?
Again I will update once reply’s come through.
I have also noticed that paperwork has a copy called final audit report.
all the times on this are incorrect they stated that the
Document created were process 23/5/2019 at 9.33 
Document e-mailed to myself  23/5/2019 at 9.33
Email viewed by myself 23/5/2019 at 9.33
Document e-signed by myself 23/5/2019 at 9.42
Signed Document emailed to myself 23/5/2019 at 9.42
I stated at the beginning that I received my 1st call from future communication at 9.45am. So these times don’t correspond.
Where do I legally stand getting out of this deal??
Sorry for long text didn’t want to miss anything out. 








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please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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no numpty this is a business to business contract...😥😥😥



please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



Single Premium PPI Q&A Read Here

Reclaim mis-sold PPI Read Here

Reclaim Bank Account, Loan & Credit Card Charges Read Here

The CAG Interest Tutorial Read Here



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Apparently theres no cooling off period. 

This is used for personal and business.


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Well I'm afraid that you got yourself into a fine mess.

You better sit down and start reading some of the stories on the Future Comms Problems Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/FutureCommsMobileProblems/?multi_permalinks=370637936907772&comment_id=370639686907597&notif_id=1558728441605802&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic and you should join it.

Also, you obviously didn't do any research about this company but now you can repent at leisure – go to Trustpilot and find out about Future Comms there https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.future-comms.co.uk 

and also go to the Google reviews for future comms https://www.google.com/search?ei=WvfoXLfRB6G4gwesiYjADA&q=future+comms&oq=future+comms&gs_l=psy-ab.3..35i39l2j0l8.5122.5122..5466...0.0..,1,,,. You'll see the same sad story experienced by hundreds of people.

There are two things which I find completely amazing. Firstly is that future comms are getting away with it and that their behaviour seems to be so consistent towards their customers. The second thing which I find completely amazing is that all of these victims are business people who you would imagine would be canny about what they do and also careful about the money they spend and the money they are owed and whose business activities presumably they depend upon for their own income and for the welfare of their families and yet they respond to a cold call like this and sign up without any kind of due diligence or second thought or any kind of instinct for self-preservation.

Future Comms are obviously onto a very good thing here. Bravo. I wish I'd thought of it.

There is a third thing which I find extremely amazing and that is that even when all of these – apparently astute business people find that they are not getting the money that they were promised, they do pretty well nothing about it other than moan, and phone, and accept promises which are subsequently broken again and again and yet those astute business people simply go on taking the treatment, living in hope and doing nothing to assert themselves.

Once you have read the stories on the Facebook group and the trustpilot reviews and the Google reviews then you will start to understand what is going to happen to you over the next three years.

I suppose you haven't even ascertained whether the rebate which you have been promised refers to a rebate for 18 months of payments or to the entire 36 months of your O2 contract. I suppose you haven't even ascertained whether any of these rebates or termination fee include VAT? I suppose you have an even ascertained the dates by which these promised payments should be paid – possibly meaning the dates by which the promises will be broken.

I'm sorry to grind you into it like this – but this post is written partly with a view to warning other people who are thinking about getting involved with this company – although if the stories are correct then nobody actually "thinks" about getting involved with this company. They simply jump in. Bravo.

The only slight glimmer of hope that I can hold out for you at the moment is that because you have contacted us so early – and apparently you were involved in the telephone exchange with Future Comms only on late Friday afternoon, it may be that nothing has gone through with EE.

In that case possibly your best hope is to telephone EE – this morning – and tell them that you do not want to transfer and that the pack number has been either given out erroneously or fraudulently and that under no account are they to terminate your phone service and transfer it to O2.

There is a remote chance that this might work and that you can in that way frustrate the contract. I wouldn't expect it to be a clean break and I can imagine that people come back at you – but stand your ground and we will help you along.

All of this is quite remote but unfortunately what is going to happen to you in respect of Future Comms over the next three years if everything follows the pattern that we are seeing all the time, is probably more than you can stand.

So that is my suggestion to you right at the moment – it's unconventional, it may not work, it may cause problems – but frankly that's where I would start.

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To in response to Bankfodder

I totally agree, I have got myself in a right mess and can only hope anyone else that is dealing with this company doesn’t make me mistake.

I will contact my current supplier straight and explain that I don’t want to change, i can only se what happens will let you know. 



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Please come back and let us know what happens with your existing supplier.

Of course maybe I'm just being very pessimistic but I'm effectively giving you a summary of all the things which have happened according to the reviews on trust pilot, Google, the Facebook group – and on this forum.

Maybe you will be a lucky one.

Anyway if you aren't able to block the contract in some way then come back here and we will give you some advice as to how maybe you can avoid some of the experiences that other people are having if you start taking assertive action straightaway.

Also, of course, you need to take some action to find out exactly what your terms and conditions are – including dates of payment, extent of the rebate, VAT status et cetera.


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